HPV treatment for lupus patient ?????

Hi, this is Rou, I am new to here.

I am looking for advice or ways of flight against HPV. I have been suffering for over 5 years now, and I have no idea when I will eventually get rid of it....or I never will. I am a lupus patient, so my immune system must be not responding well. While immunity is the only way to cure HPV itself. I am hopeless.....

Is there any friends has similar situation as me? If so, how do you guys fight against the virus??? I am looking for help.. I had done 2 LEEPs now, I am really scared of doing more surgery, but I doctor says I still have lots of bad cells alllllll over the vagina, and he still need do several laser surgeries for me. I am single, 29 year old, never had child. I do want a family in my future... the future seems so difficult...

Below is my health history:

2010 Lupus

2013 CIN 2

2014 LEEP-- CIN 1

2015 LASER -- CIN 1

2016 CIN 1

2017 CIN 1

2018 CIN 3 -- LEEP-- CIN 1

sincerely ,

looking for suggestion, story sharing, advice!




Hi Ro!

I'm new here too. I've read your message and I know what you mean. I also have lupus and have had HPV. First, one thing I found out was that there is an incredible lack of reliable information about those two together. I've been searching and asking everyone about this with no success. Everybody is different, but the virus can be defeated. When I found out about the abnormal cells, I had some colposcopy. This cleaned my cervix and was a new fresh start. This is not the cure, but it helps to do things differently and keep away from cancer. I changed underwear material, changed my diet, hygiene, and I'm not taking immunosuppressants at the moment, which helps to fight the virus. After the treatment, the cervix healed and I got pregnant. I had my baby. All fine. And the HPV hasn't come back.  I keep having my smear test, which is an essential test in our lives (even though it's not pleasant at all!) 


Keep fighting, don't lose hope!! 

Hi Dctm07,

Thank you for your reply! Did you do LEEP surgery to cut the bad cells? I think colposcopy is just for looking at the cervix closely and take a bit of tissue to the exam? It is not a treatment? How long had you had persistent infection? I have been fighting for over 5 years now....

I do not take Prednisone (the immunosuppressant drug). But I do still take one medicine called Hydroxychloroquine(its an anti-inflammation drug ), 400MG per day. Do you think I should cut all the meds I take for my lupus? My lupus is under control for 8 years, and I don't have any symptoms. 

What was your diet like? Did you try to boost your immune system? Will it be safe? 

Sorry that I have so many questions! I am desperate for help!

Thank you so much!


Hi Rou! I've been diagnosed with ESL 2 years ago and I've fighting HPV for over 8 monts and counting, I went through 2 surgeries with laser and it doesn' stops, I feel so hopeless and sad, I don't know what to do, how to keep fighting against this... Contact me if you want! marina.nitrini@hotmail.com


new here and scared of what my results after treatment today and biopsy will reveal. I had abnormal ( borderline) smears x3 prior to this recent one. I am 41, on immunosuppressants for rheumatoid arthritis and reluctant to continue with them as I feel they are responsible for causing my health problems. I was however, crippled with RA previously.

I want to avoid incurring any future cancers, maybe I should discuss with rheumatologist?My CIN was found to be high grade at colposcopy today.I received treatment but feel like I may face further problems in future.

That's great to know, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I feel that it's a similar problem for us and our immune systems. I have to go for repeat lletz and am concerned that this is going to be a cycle for me.. glad to know you've kicked it!