HPV timeline - any advice?

hi all i have posted below under "waiting game" and had no replies. which is fine just been thinking and im a little worried. i have been told i am positive fore the HPV virus. and had information like it can go on its own could have had it for years and not know e.t.c. basically there is no way of knowing how long i have had it because it was my first ever smear. (im 24 and booked my own smear test as docs didnt offer me one after symptoms).


anyway after being told that i have high grade changes rather than the low that they first thought. my issue is, the nurse said can have the changes 10years before it changes to cancer, but everyone is different and as i said my 1st ever smear test and technically i could have had the virus since the first time i had sex (age 15.) so at least 9years ago!


just so confused and got many things floating round my head. anyone got any advice or comments for me pretty please. xx


I’ve just seen this message and then read your previous post. I think the problem with HPV is that there is so much still not known. Anyone who is sexually actively is likely to come into contact with HPV as it’s common. It can take years for changes for appear, but it’s difficult to know when someone definitely picks up the virus. It could basically be any partner. (So you might not have had it since 15 if you’ve had other partners since). I know it’s a shock when you get an abnormal smear and it’s understandable that you’re wondering how you got the virus. The important thing is they’ve picked up these changes and can treat them.

It’s important to remember that CIN is NOT cancer, it’s cell changes Also over 95% of women are successfully treated with their first treatment. February must seem a long time away. If you wish, you could contact them to say you’ll accept a cancellation.

I don’t know if this helps or not, but I know how it feel when you post and no one replies, so wanted to answer to hopefully provide some reassurance.

Take one day at a time and look after yourself x

Hello stephanielouise - the info you've been given I believe is correct.  Everyone carries the virus & most of the time our bodies can get rid of it but in some cases it can go on to be cancer.  I think that if you have any changes, high grade or low grade, a repeat smear 6  months later should be carried out to see if things have gone back to normal - as this can happen too.  If the changes still show after 6 months then it is up to your own GP to have you referred to a specialist.  Don't be frightened by this at all - just do not leave anything to chance.  Do not be fobbed off either. If you feel you are being fobbed off, take a friend or family member with you for support.  It's easy to say don't worry but if it were me I'd have a repeat smear then take it from there, hope this helps.

thankyou so much ladies for reply. yes i understand everything you are both saying and it does help. i have been booked in for loop excision in feb so hopefully they will get all the abnormal cells. i have been with my partner for over 3years so even if i got it from him im confused to weather i have had it that long or could have come any time in relationship? like u said its hard to find out as they dont really know everything themselves.


and yes thats a good idea i think i will give them a ring for them to slot me in if they have any cancelations. worst they could say is no isnt it. thanks again ladies. x

Hi Stephanie Louise,

If you got HPV from your current partner, he would’ve been infected at the start of your relationship so it could’ve been any time. Men can have it without causing them any problems, but the cervix is more sensitive.

The act of cutting the cervix (ie biopsies or LLETZ) usually kicks the immune system into the gear and helps the body clear the infection. Most women don’t have furthe problems after this. It’s definitely worth trying for a cancellation. Take care, and try not to think of it all too much (easier said than done I know). X

Hi love


You already have great advice from the ladies above, HPV seems to be a tricky virus so its hard to get your head around. Its almost impossible to know how long you have had it for! I have been with my partner for 8 years, we havnt been unfaithfull so I can only assume that I have had the virus for at least 9 years. It only showed up on my smear 2 years ago and was already cin3, I always find it hard to understand it why it didnt appear sooner!

Just wanted to assure you that I had the virus for years and years and it hadnt turned into anything horrific. Try not to worry too much about the virus and just concentrate on getting any treatment you need. Def worth trying for a cancellation

Lots of hugs

Cat x 

thank you all for comments. yes think i have just confused myself over thinking it. just accept i dont know how long i have had it and get my treatment needed. they dont hurry up with that though either do they. no wonder we all get stressed. i really like this side coz every1 is so nice, and understand because going through or been through same thing. x