HPV third smear and failed colposcopy - closed cervix

My last 3 annual smears have been HPV positive but negative for cell changes. As the HPV has not cleared on my last smear I was referred to Colposcopy. I have had 3 years of bad experiences with my smears as despite having many over the years, given birth twice, treatment for an erosion in the past and a hysteroscopy years ago they have suddenly turned painful. I had been told at smears that my cervix was in a tricky place but was assured by the Colposcopy clinic they would be able to deal with it as the chairs are fit for purpose unlike those beds we have to climb on at the doctors. I had my coloscopy yesterday and she struggled to find it too and then finally showed me my cervix on the screen and said they wouldn’t be able to continue as it’s healed over!

I have to go back to have it reopened under local anaesthetic by the consultant and they will then complete the colposcopy and check nothing abnormal but now I’m worrying as if I have had 3 smears and all have shown HPV how can they be sure it was a negative smear if they can’t actually get to the cells? Worried I have had at least 3 years of HPV and potentially an incorrect smear result all this time.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? I’ve never had a local in my cervix before. Even with my cold coagulation treatment and my hysteroscopy a few years ago. I’m really worried. Scared about the next appointment and terrified the smears I have had were in fact inadequate readings as they couldn’t have got the right cells to check for cancer if my cervix is closed. Also concerned the nurses hadn’t noticed this. In fact last year the nurse said she could see I was going through the menopause as my cervix had changed. Shouldn’t she have referred me then? So scared. So many thoughts whizzing around and dreading what comes next.

Thank goodness they are going to look at you thoroughly! Sadly it is possible to miss cell changes with inadequate smears - and having a retroverted cervix (so do I) doesn’t help. Try not to panic! I had clear smears for 20 years after three procedures to remove bad cells, and it turned out my cancer was masked by the scar tissue and I was stage 3. But that was 20 years… The likelihood is that your cervical changes are only recent as you’re going through the menopause, and if they find anything at the colposcopy they will treat it.

The local in your cervix, is, reading other ladies’ comments on the forum, a game changer and apart from the little pinch of the injection will numb the area very well for treatment - so try not to worry about that but be confident that the team know there is a problem and will be working to sort it out for you. You cannot change the past, and where it has brought you to now, but it’s the future that’s important and that’s what they’re going to be working to ensure is cancer free. Try to be positive! X

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I am thinking the worst as the Colposcopy Nurse scarpered pretty quickly and also sent the assistant out at one point. I am great at overthinking but thought it a bit odd she was sent out mid procedure. I am hopeful the follow up appointment comes through quickly as I won’t rest til it’s been done and then there’s the waiting for the results. I always assumed that if they do a successful smear and it doesn’t come back abnormal / inadequate they’d tested the right area. So worried :frowning: and trying to think positive but gosh it’s hard isn’t it. You’re right though, at least they are being thorough x