HPV thigh pain colposcopy

Hi, going out my mind would nice to have some opinions please. I went to the hospital for heavy bleeding May 2022 had a smear test which was around 6 years since my last one at that time. My results came back as having HPV and Cell changes. I had an appointment soon after for a colposcopy but I had missed the appointment. I got a new appointment for 20th September 2023. I have terrible thigh pain which is only getting worse it’s like deep inside my thighs, bit of pain around my hips and bum area. I have had my bloods taken a few times and results keep showing I am anemic. Has anyone had these symptoms. Thank you x

Hi tweetypiexx
Make sure you tell your dr at the colposcopy about this as you can easily just get popped in the chair and not given much chance to speak about your concerns.

I am hpv 16 positive with glandular abnormalities on my 2022 smear. I have been experiencing different pains most of the time it’s a dull ache pain that’s in my back and hip joints, sometimes a burning type pain in my upper inner thigh, I also get a sharp pulling pain in my pelvic area if I move too quickly and occasionally feel like my hip has come out of it’s socket I’m unable to walk on it until I do a a stretchy dance to get it back in :see_no_evil: and it hurts. I recently told my gyne dr about this who was going to arrange an ultrasound but a nurse rudely interrupted him and told me to go see my gp about it as it’s probably a hip problem not gyne (which I have no idea it could be hip issues I’m 35 tho so didn’t think I’d be wearing out so soon haha) anyway I complained about this to pals and went to my gp who have booked me in for an ultrasound this Friday and I have another appointment for a second lletz at the end of the month. So I will see if it’s a hip bone problem or something else friday.

I hope everything goes well with your appointment and they put your mind at ease.

Hey, thanks for your reply. That’s what mines feels like a dull ache but sometimes can be really sore I’m having to take pain killers. Oh that sounds apre with the hip! I Have my colposcopy tomorrow so will update Incase anyone else wants to know about similar symptoms. Please let me know how your ultrasound goes hopefully only something small for you. Xx

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