HPV testing

Hi there. Can anyone advise on this….

I had a smear in Jan that came back hpv positive but no cell changes. But as I have constant unexplained discharge for years I got my nurse to agree to doing another vag swab to check for bv, thrush and the nasties last week (Last one was done last summer) and when I looked at the form they give you I googled the abbreviations to see what I was being tested for and it said HVS which is the usual STIs but includes HPV. Is this right? Can they test HPV from just a usual vag swab (which I had to do myself)… if that’s so why are women having to wait for smears to see if they have HPV or still have it after being diagnosed?

Hi @Angepange

Me again lol HPV is only tested for through our smears, there is a home/self sampling test where you just take a vaginal swab but this wouldnt be offered at our GPs we need to buy this ourselves, however most places wont accept the home/self sampling result as accurate

HVS stands for High Vaginal Swab which is the type of vaginal swab taken… this particular swab is used to detect thrush, BV and trichomonas Vaginalis, TV is the only STI this swab is able to detect as its caused by a bacterial parasite with the swab being used to detect bacteria… HPV isnt a bacterial infection so it would be impossible to pick it up through a bacterial test, this type of test isnt able to detect the likes of chlamydia or gonorrhoea

HSV (genital herpes) isnt routinely tested for unless someone shows symptoms there needs to be an actual sore or blister for them to swab… like with low risk strains of HPV, its not/cant be tested for routinely as part of a routine STI panel unless it shows something physical xx

Hi there. Thanks again for answering so quickly. I didnt know that the HVS test didn’t test for the other STIs. I guess I need to stop googling :woman_facepalming:t4:. Xx