HPV testing strains

Great news for both ladies @Spacedog and @Worried58yrold! I think a yearly home HPV test is a good idea. Just to update you on my situation, I got the results from the smear (cytology and HPV results) and my cytology was normal and HPV was negative (even though I tested positive on a Superdrug HPV test a few weeks earlier!) Feeling very relieved!

Thats great Katy2. I wonder how come your home test was positive? I suppose there’s always the chance of discrepancies as no doubt the labs use different machines etc. Or maybe your infection was almost but not quite cleared when you did your first test? The possibility of something like this happening is something I have considered. Ultimately it’s the NHS results that will count though, so you must be relieved to have such a positive outcome, as am I!

Yes, I was wondering the same. I’ve been negative for several years and no new partners so was surprised to get a positive home test with Superdrug, hence wondered if Covid had reactivated it. Relieved to be negative this time now though and consultant said I’d be told which HR HPV strain I had if I was positive on their swab, but happpily negative. Bit of a mystery. Maybe as you say I was almost at the point of getting rid of the infection, or maybe my results got mixed up with someone else’s? Relieved to be negative anyway.