Hpv test

Can anyone tell me if the hpv test done as a result of an abnormal smear is only for high risk strains or is it a general test that shows the presence of ant HPV infection whatever the strain?  I ask because I am now worried that a small bump I have found near the vagina may be a wart.  

Hpv will be picked up in a smear or in your colposcop, I don't think there is a strain of it, your either got it or its present, it lays dormant and when your amune system is low it can make an appearance, I'm pretty sure hpv is not linked to warts ect 

Hi, when they test for HPV they only test for high risk strains. They are over 100 strains of hpv, strain number 6&11 cause warts, strains 16 18 and a few others (mostly 16 and 18) are high risk. It's only the high risk ones that cause cervical cancer or pre cancer. So your smear or colposcopy wouldn't test for warts as they are "low risk" (don't cause danger). Best thing to do is keep an eye on your bump and if it's not gone in a week then go to your gp to see what they say. Don't ignore it tho. Good luck xxx