HPV test & Colposcopy costs rejected by insurance

My family have lived in China for many years, and we have medical insurance with IMG, which has served us well, in part no doubt because we have been lucky enough not to be healthy, by and large. Recently I had a smear test which indicated some abnormalities, and my doctor recommended an HPV test, and following this, a colposcopy. I was very shocked when IMG rejected my claim for reimbursement for these costs (which were significant) on the basis that HPV is a sexually transmitted disease, and these are excluded under my policy! (HIV/AIDS is covered, however). Does anyone have any experience of challenging such a rejection or any advice? Is there a campaign anywhere dealing with this issue? Luckily I’m OK for the moment, but the thought of being diagnosed with cervical cancer and not having insurance coverage for it is a very scary prospect indeed, and I would hate it to happen to anyone.

What if you just don't claim for the HPV test.  Just the smear and the colposcopy. 


sorry I have no experience of insurance, is there some sort of ombudsman in China you can appeal too?

Are you able to get reimbursement for the colposcopy? I have never been given an hpv test and I've had cc. As far as I'm aware the only benefit of having an hpv test is if there are low grade changes and you also have hpv they will refer to colposcopy but if no hpv they can watch and wait, so if you can have a colposcopy anyway Im not sure there's any additional advantage of having hpv check? Xx

Thank you for all your comments.  I didn't realise until now that anyone had responded - I assumed I would receive a notification but there wasn't one.  Since the insurance comes under US legislation I think I will have to fight it under US law.  Unfortunately I think this kind of thing is all too common in the US.  And because the doctor recommended the colposcopy due to the HPV test, I don't think I can now separate the two unfortunately.  I'm lucky that a) for now I do not have cervical cancer and b) I can afford to pay for the procedures.  But I will try to find other people in the US who are fighting against this discrimination and join the battle.