HPV tese

I have had a positive hpv test but no abnormal cells. I was very shocked when I heard this as I didn't realise it is caught through sex or sexual contact .what is more worrying is I have had 2 partners in my life one at 14 one at 15who is now my husband. I have been with him for 32 years and he is my only sexual partner . I have asked him if he has cheated and he says no so now I'm terribly confused where have I got this from and is it possible for it to lay dormant in my body for 33 years !!!!! And why would it show up now and is it a dangerous strain of hpv so many questions for none I have the answer someone help x

Hi Katy...

Sorry you have questions and haven't found answers.

I know that doctors find HPV a bit of a mystery.. when I went for my treatment at the hospital I had LOTS of questions on HPV. 
I was told that you can contract the virus quite young and it can lay dormant for YEARS. 
When we get stressed etc it can flare up and that's when cells can turn into abnormal ones. 

I went from Cin3 and HPV + to normal cells and cleared my HPV in just 6 months. I also changed diet and went vegetarian to see if helped and it might have?

Please don't worry too much (easier said than done!) 

it's likely your partner hasn't been unfaithful and it may have been hiding for years. It's crazy isn't it. 
I'm 32 and had smears since 25 and my test was normal- I've only had same partner who's been faithful and then at 32 had HPV! So in them 7 years it's popped up as I would've contracted it years and years ago.

Sorry I can't be more help. Wish I was a specialist for you!

I hope you get some reassurance and stay strong.

take care lovely.


Lauren xx