HPV & smear

Frown  Hi , i am 33 just had a smear my results came back today as abnormal and they tested for hpv and this virus has been found in my results, i am now being sent to teh hosp for further tests !! ok so i have googled hpv and im confused , at first i thought was a std and my hubby had cheated i  know i havent but then it says on another site its not!! i just dont get what it is , is it cos we have had too much sex and got it that way !! but then its saying it can lay dormant for years ?   it say low risk so i am atm not mega too worried but i have 2 small daughters so i am worried what if also, if i have this hpv thing can i pass onto my hubby ? also it says there is no cure and should go its self what if it does not?? what treatment do they tend to do, can anyone help me with any info at all , cos i just have so much going on in my mind i need some help to slow it down, thank you x

Hi there, hpv is a sexual transmitted infection which most people are positive for in their life time. The immune system usually clears it on its own but some people it's sticks around and that's when it can cause abnormalities on the cervix (not all abnormalities are to do with hpv but the majority). You cannot pass it to your husband and it doesn't mean anyone has been unfaithful. Usually a leet or cone biopsy will treat hpv but it can be persistent and they just monitor it regularly. 


Charlene xx

Hi kellyp81. I also have HPV and also CIN 1. Like you, I was worried about what it all meant...but it means nothing. Yes, having more partners *can* mean you're more likely to contract HPV, but even then most people's immune systems fight it. You can have only had sex with one person and still get high risk HPV. I've had a few sexual partners but more or less one over the last few years and I have high risk HPV, so don't worry - like the above poster has said most people contract HPV at some point in their lives and there's no 'test' as such for it. I hope this helps x