Hpv severe dyskariosis and suppressed immune system



I'm due to have cin3 cells removed under local anaesthetic next week. I've got hpv. I also have a non-permanent autoimmune condition being treated with steroids. Am worried because I need my immune system to fight hpv so cells grow back normally after treatment. And my steroids are suppressing it! Feels like one thing is fighting another. Can anyone relate or shed light? Is this something to speak with my gp about? Thanks for reading. 


This might be one for 'ask the expert' on this website.  I haven't had had a similar experience but maybe there's a case for you to always have annual smears rather than ever to be on the usual 3 or 5 year screening programme (UK)?


Hi Heloise,

Did you get any answers regarding your immune system and how that will impact on HPV in the future?

I have a primary immune deficiency and had a letter yesterday to say I have HPV and severe dyskaryosis. I have a colposcopy next week. 
Just seems hopeless that my non-existent immune system will be relied upon!