HPV & Severe Cell Changes

Hey all,

I got an appointment for same week, but I had to rearrange. At the time, I thought it was my usual gyne appointment untill I was put on hold and he came back, told me the importance of this appointment and told me my smear results - HPV positive and High grade severe cell changes. I hadnt recieved a letter, he told me the lab reported that morning so they got me an appointment for asap. He told me I needed further investigation & treatment. I still couldnt attend the first appointment but rearranged for the 25th, which is in a few days time.

Whats crazy is, 3 years ago, I was HPV pos with moderate cell changes. I had 3 punch biopsys and came back clear back onto 3 year smears. 3 years later I’m severe…

Anyhoo, having read up on treatment, the treatment our clinic offers is LEEP, im absolutely terriefied. The punch biospys were very uncomfortable last time so I’m absolutely dreading this. Ive had local down there before, but not in cervix, but those hurt alot. Im scared the leep will hurt, my hearts going to be pounding in my chest, filled with so much anxiety.

Im scared of my results too. I have four little ones, I keep imagining the worst case scenario and I will have uncurable cancer.

How did everyone else get on when they had high grade severe cell changes?


@beckzie28 I can’t comment from personal experience as my last colposcopy showed CIN1 & I do know that if any type of procedure was planned I’d be terrified but also that it’s much better than the alternative of letting this beat you, we’re all much stronger than we give ourselves credit for & the procedure will be over before you know it. Good luck & let us know how you get on. x

Thankyou for replying. You were so right about us all being stronger than we give our selves credit for.

Because I was so anxious it took so much longer than it should have. I just couldnt relax and had an area that wouldnt numb, no matter how much local she kept retrying. But other than that area it all went okay, they were so patient with me, I had two nurses trying to keep me busy and they did a fab job.

The lady who did the treatment mentioned CITZ or CINZ to which i’ve googled both and cant find anything for either haha i must have misheard her. She did say whilst checking with iodine that she can confirm the smear, I had severe cells and showed them to me and also I had moderate, there was a mixture. At the end she said she was very confident she had got them all and she believes the biospy will confirm the grading.

I haven’t needed any pain meds as of yet, I’m very sore and felt sick earlier with bit of tummy ache, but I’m okay.

So all is well, I’m glad. All that panicing was for nothing really. Im glad its over and done with, just waiting for the results now :blush: xx

@beckzie28 you’ll be glad that’s it over & done with. Hopefully you don’t have too long a wait for results & not too much in the way of side effects. Take it easy if you can, I know it’s not easy with kids to look after but they’re a good distraction too. x

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Thankyou xxx