HPV, severe abnormalities, future.

Hi everyone,

Never thought I'd be here, but here goes.

I'm a 32 year old mother of two and have been married for ten years.  This week I got an urgent call to colposcopy following a severe result, which was borderline last year.  I was also told I had HPV.

Im awaiting biopsy results, but I'm scheduled to have the cells removed in a couple of weeks regardless of the result.

My question is, do people normally clear the hpv virus at my age, or will I have it forever? I'm scared that if I have chronic hpv, that I'll enevitably get cervical cancer, regardless of going for regular smears.

I know each case is unique, I just wanted to know the norm. I'm obviously a bit, no, a lot scared!  Thank you, x 

'Do people clear the HPV virus at my age or will I have it forever?' 

I don't think age has too much to do with in yo be honest . I have s chronic HPV infection and my cons doubts I wilol ever clear it. This does not mean that getting Cancer is s foregone conclusion it just means a higher risk. The virus can lay dormant for a while and rear its ugly head at times of stress, weakened immune system. Ecen when it is active it doesn't necessarily mean it's going to cause problems but for some people it will. Just try to find ways of reducing your risk, I eat healthier, exercise more, changed my life utterly to reduce stress, but can't kick the fags! 

So. It's not inevitable in my opinion. i have precancerous vaginal cells (after cervical cancer) and yes I will probably be tested and treated for the rest of my days but that doesn't mean I will def get Cancer. And if I do it will be caught early because they keep such a close eye on me. 

For you, trying to strengthen your immune system and having those regilar smears is the very best prevention you can take. 

Good Luck! 

Thank you so much for sharing your experience.  The reason I asked about age is because youre only tested for HPV over the age of 30, so I wondered if it was an indicator of chronic HPV.  Luckily I managed to give up smoking a few years ago, and have been eating healthily and exercising tonnes since I started working at a gym.  Just got to work on the stress!

thanks for your advice and good luck for the future x 

Hi there. 

I totally agree. Had a six month follow up smear, came back normal but hpv present . Last week I had another colposcopy which was normal and looked fine. The registrar explained that I will never clear the virus, it will always remain in the system now.  But as long as I attend my smears she said not to worry - bit anxious about going back to 3 yearly smears but trying to be positive and relax . Wish you all the best xx