HPV second time

Hi All

I had a HPV positive over a year ago on my smear and was invited back for another smear within 12 months .

Smear was three weeks ago and results are back and it’s HPV positive still and I have been told I need a colposcopy as I have boarder line changes .

What I can’t understand is online it says HPV causes warts down there ? I don’t have warts could they be inside and I don’t see them.

Stressed about this and does a colposcopy hurt?

What I know is low risk hpv causes warts. And they don’t send you a letter saying you are hpv positive. They only send letter if you have high risk hpv (saying your smear test is hpv positive. ) High risk hpv doesn’t cause warts and in most cases the body clears the virus on it’s on. But if someone has high risk hpv it can cause cell changes in the cervix which could lead to cancer.

Hi Rach300,
I had the same results last year in July 2021. Hpv positive and borderline cell changes. After 2 weeks they called me in for colposcopy. It didn’t hurt at all but a bit uncomfortable it was just like smear test. The colposcopy confirmed I have hpv ,low grade cell changes no cancer. They told me they will keep an eye and invite me for another smear after an year. After 6 months I went for private smear and my hpv was gone. Now I had my routine smear in July after an year with NHS and smear test is still hpv negative.
I am 48 years old and was unsure if my body will clear the virus. I read on internet about AHCC so I took AHCC, multivitamins, vitamin B12, folic acid, curcumin and green tea for some months and my private smear test was negative within 6 months. Boost your immune system eat healthy food and take supplements if you can afford them. Hopefully your body will clear hpv soon.
Best of luck

Hi Zoe, which supplement brands did you take? I’m looking at ways to improve my immune system but baffled where to start with supplements


I tested positive for HPV three years ago and was invited to go back yearly for smears after I tested still positive on my third test I was invited to go for a colposcopy/biopsy which came back has no changes and everything was normal! And now my smears are back to three years. I asked the doctor is there anything I can take to get rid off the hpv and she said no. Most off us get hpv in our life time some can get rid off the virus quickly and others like me not so. I am just very grateful to the nhs for the tests and treatments they provide for cervical cancer.

Hi Floraljo,
I took AHCC Kinko Platinum bought once from Amazon and then couple of bottles from iherb.co.uk. Multivitamins, vitamin c, folic acid and curcumin supplements from Holland and Barretts. Try your best to boost your immune system and hopefully hpv will go away.

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Hi please don’t stress on testing positive for hpv on a yearly smear test I was invited for a colscopy it came back no cell changes! I have never felt alone!! Stay focused

And listen to no taking anything I asked my doctor it’s about your body fighting it like a cold