HPV risk management

I had my cervical test just begore Covid in 2020; I was notified that the nurse forgot to put my name on the test, and so this was discarded. My last test before this was in 2016 and negative. On 22 October 2022 following a cervical test, I was notified that I was HPV positive, and a colposcopy followed with no abnormalities. I was subjected to both tests on May 2023, with no abnormalities and HPV negative. My questions are:

  1. Is my observation correct that when the virus was found in 2022, it was already towards the end of its 2nd year ‘life’ cycle, meaning that I had the virus for a while?
  2. In 2002 I had warts removed from the vulva (I think) with what I believe was freezing. This was in Italy, and HPV was never mentioned. I read now in your site that this is a manifestation of HPV - does this mean that I have had the virus at least since then, dorment?
  3. Given the above, am I at a higher risk for the virus to ‘wake up’ again in the future, and for this reason I and my husband should consider seriously vaccinating? And would this be only privately?

I understand that I should continue taking cervical tests as required because there are several types of HPV, even after vaccination.