HPV retest

I'm 29 and went for my second smear last year (my previous smear at 25 was clear). Was told I had low grade changes and was HPV positive. I went for my colposcopy in January of this year and thankfully was told I had no sign of cancer or CIN. I was then returned to the normal screening process of 3 years. My question is, since I’m HPV positive shouldn’t I come back for screening in a year, instead of 3 years? To see if the HPV has/is cleared(ing). I don’t want to go back at 32 and be told my HPV is worse and as a result more changes have occurred. I'm leaving the UK this year to move to the Middle East so I just want to be prepared as I'm unaware whether the Middle East provides HPV testing when getting cervical smears. Thanks so much. I cannot tell you how useful this website has been throughout my whole smear and HPV journey. X


If you can, I would highly suggest yearly pap. I am in the US so I always had that option, and luckily I chose it. I had an HPV negative normal pap and was at CIN III and HPV positive the very next year. The next year, despite a Lietz and close monitoring I had invasive cervical cancer stage 1B1. If I had waited three years after my normal HPV clear pap, I would likely have died from cervical cancer.so definitely get tested each year if it is possible.