HPV results after 2nd Lletz

I have just read some of the new posts here about persistent HPV and all the repeat testing/colposcopies/Lletz that we have all been through, I am so upset that we have to go through this all, and I want to give you some positive news.

I have just received my results in the post following my 6 month test of cure after my 2nd Lletz. I was so nervous when I saw the envelope, I just knew it was my results, and I didn’t want to open it at first.

But…I have now tested HPV Negative!

I had Adenocarcinoma In Situ (CGIN) and HPV16 so I really thought I would be one who had persistent HPV.
Based on the fact that I went from low grade to AIS within 1 year, that I get fever blisters (HSV) and had glandular fever (EBV), I just assumed that I am prone to persistent type viruses and that this HPV would stick around.

So to say I am really grateful for these results is an understatement!

I hope and pray for all of us on here, that we will all beat this virus permanently!

Also, I have just realised that I am one week late…eeek


That’s brilliant news! I have CGIN too and CIN3. Did you do anything in particular to get rid of the HPV? x

Hi Lynnie,

Yes, I did multiple things as being in my mid 30’s with HPV 16 for at least 2 years, I was not classified as “young” and able to “cure” the virus naturally.
I cannot confirm that the things I did resulted in the HPV negative result, or if the Lletz just managed to take all the HPV infected cells, or if it was combination of all.

  1. Took a high dose multivitamin daily
  2. Took an additional Folate tablet daily (so 800mcg daily)
  3. Took a probiotic daily
  4. Took 3 months of I3C capsules
  5. Took 6 months of Beta-glucan supplement
  6. Took 9 months of AHCC capsules (1st month 1g daily, 7 months at 3g daily, last month 1g daily)
  7. Took the 3 dose Gardasil 9 vaccine (first dose 4 days after 1st Lletz and final dose was 3 weeks before 6month test of cure)
  8. Stopped using tampons (with my light flow I suspect they might have caused irritation and dryness)
  9. Reduced caffeine intake (drank decaf coffee with a maximum of only 1 “real” coffee a week)
  10. No fast food, only home cooked meals with lots of fruit and vegetables
  11. Used condoms everytime with my husband between my 2nd lletz and 6 month test of cure
  12. Reduced alcohol (maximum once a month)

Maybe all these supplements and sacrifices helped? Maybe the Lletz was the only factor?
I will never know for sure, but anything that improves your immunity is bound to help your body fight this virus.


Thank you so much and congratulations on your negative result. xx

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Congratulations xxxx Can i ask - how long do you think you had hpv before? i think i have had it 5 years despite only being 25 as i have been with my boyfriend that long. Really concerned about whether it will ever go away now, especially as it is already causing dyskaryosis

again congratulations and thanks for sharing and spreading some positivity

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Hi Lily
My last normal, HPV negative smear was in 2015.
In 2019 I was tested for HPV for the first time and then tested positive. That is why I said “at least 2 years” as I didn’t know my status before.
But my husband and I have been together since 2008, it is therefore likely I could have had it since 2008 or even before without knowing.

Hi… I would like to ask please if you have gone private to have the vaccine? I would like to have that too. I tried asking the GP last year but said it is too late for me to have them. Thank you.

Yes, I had the Gardasil9 vaccine privately, it was expensive.
I had to explain to my GP that there is some evidence that having the vaccine after the lletz may reduce reoccurrence, and I was very insistent to ensure they prescribed it for me.

My previous gynaecologist also told me it was too late. But the gynaecologist at my colposcopy told me about the studies that showed it may help after a lletz, and I then managed to get the first dose at the GP within 4 days of my lletz.

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