HPV recurrance

Am bit confused so please correct me if my understanding is incorrect.

Am now facing  lletz for cc1a1 and looking for clear margins.

What i should have asked and don't understand is if HPV is incurable and caused my cancer , removing cells will not stop it recurring as i still have hpv. ??

Am i being over dramatic??

Getting more dificult to cope by the day :((

Kath xx

Oh Kath I'm so sorry :( I've read your other post about your LLETZ and I agree that it does seem confusing if you wre referred for a hysterectomy because the cells were hard to reach - then being referred back for another LLETZ! You're not being overdramatic at all, at the end of the day it's your health and its something that we have so little control over it's scary!

I'm no expert by any stretch but from what I understand HPV can come and go (I think it's like veruccas, you can get one and then never have another because your body clears the virus) and we're just unlucky to have had a particularly low immune system when it decided to strike, hence the abnormal/dysk cells. Some people have an HPV test with their smear and their smear comes back with dysk but no HPV meaning their body has cleared the virus but the cells have already been damaged.

I've just realised that none of that sounds particularly reassuring which is what I was aiming for! Basically, the best advice I've picked up is exercise, eat well and stay relatively stress free, maybe take vitamin C or multi-vitamins (or eccinachea, can't spell it!) to give you immune system a bit of a boost.

I'd definately recommend having a chat with a nurse if you can - I don't know if you have a number for the colp. clinic but I'd guess they'd be better than your GP or practice nurse as they probably get questions like this all the time and will be better informed to answer them. Or you could use the 'Ask the Expert' on here. 

I hope Monday goes well for you. I can't imagine what you're going through, but I know how scared I was before my LLETZ and stuff, so if you ever need anyone to rant at or anything, just give me a PM x x x


Hi, I have to admit, the same occurred to me, I almost panicked in the early days wishing I had opted for a hysterectomy so I had no cervix to get reinfected! Then I read some studies online and asked my consultant about my understanding (based on the studies).

My understanding is that the HPV virus causes the abnormal cells but these cells almost always start to develop at the squamocolumnar junction of the cervix (the bit where the inside meets the outside, I think this is why some people get adeno/squamous cancer types depending on which way the cancer goes) this bit is usually removed as part of standard surgical treatment (no matter the stage). In my case, I had a tracelectomy so no longer have these cell types remaining so a recurrence of HPV would be monitored closely but is not cause for major concern.

I discussed this with my consultant at my last appointment and explained my basic understanding of what I had read and he confirmed that what I thought was correct.

I’m sure there is a lot more to it than this as I am no scientist or expert but a vague understanding has gone a long way to making me feel more confident in my treatment. I’m sure there are expects at Jos who can explain better than me or your consultant can help put your mind at ease further.

You are not being over dramatic, the early days are horrendous for us all but I promise, it does get easier. Everyone takes their own time to get over this and move forward.

Do you know, I even get a few days at a time where I forget!!!

Be kind to yourself, get through your treatment and stay positive. You WILL get through this and you WILL be fine x x x x

The LLETZ will not remove HPV from your system. It should, however, remove the cancer. HPV is incurable, but that does not mean that you will have problems with it for the rest of your life. There may come a time (if it hasn't already happened) that your body will completely rid itself of the virus. It may be that the virus will stay in your body, but in a dormant state so that is never causes you any issues again. After your LLETZ, you will most likely be monitored closely for a period of time. I think the standard is that if you don't have a recurrence within 2 years, you are declared cured.


Even though I have had a total hysterectomy and now have no cervix, I will still need regular screening, as I have had CIN3. I have read of women who have squamous cells grow back after there cervix is gone, though it is very rare. The sad fact is that there is no way to completely eliminate the risk of cancer. All we can do is get the best treatment possible, then try and put it to the back of our minds and get on with our lives as best as we can.


I know that this is a very scary time for you. If you can, try and take your mind off it with whatever works for you. For me, it's things that take my complete concentration, like computer games and crosswords. Hang in there. You will get through this *big hugz*