HPV re-occurance



Not sure if this is the right section to post in, I have a couple of questions and I have tried to search in this amazing group.


If you have an abnormal smear, HPV present.  Then have the LLETZ treatment twice. Then get given the all clear from HPV and clear margins.


Can HPV re-occour? Can you ask to be retested after a year even though they told you to go back to 3 year re-call.


I have asked for another smear as I have been having spotting after sex and in between periods, went to see the nurse last week. Who referred me to have STI tests and that it's just prob an infection and in no circumstances will I beable to get another smear.. I explained that I am with the same partner and that nither of us have cheated and don't see why the STI test would be relavant? I'm so confused. I have tried to search if HPV can come back even though you have cleared it.


I hope that makes sense and someone can answer this.




Thank  you Andrea, The nurse dismissed this last week when I asked the question. Can the doctor's surgery give me what type of HPV virus I had/have.  Do you know if I can demand another smear?