Hpv query

Hi I am 34 always had normal smears, 2019 I had HPV and cell changes, had colposcopy and punch biopsy CIN1, fast forward july2020 smear all clear😘 my question is now the HOV as gone could it still come back as I have cleared the infection. I’m married both faithful, I know it can lay dormant for years but now it’s gone will it not come back?
Hope this makes sense :kissing_heart:

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Hello Sammyh10 my doctor advised me to get the vaccine maybe is something you can consider. I believe doctors still not sure about HPV and how it comes back I have asked the question to mine and she said there is different theories but not conclusive yet . But she was very sure about the vaccine and that it creates a greater protection than without or just immunity from previous infection. Take care.


I have had two doses although I’m officially too old. Boots offer it and don’t ask for proof of ID. I just took a decade off

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