HPV Postive

Morning everyone. I’ve just had a call from my GP to say I’ve tested positive for HPV and will need another test in a year. I know this isn’t the worst news but it’s entirely unexpected.

I’m 61 and haven’t had sex in a decade. I had my last screening five years ago and tested negative then. So I’m quite confused as to how this could happen. From my (albeit limited) understanding, this could mean that my last test was a false negative (I’m never tested positive before) but would this then mean that I have persistent infection that I’ve been unable to shake as most people do within two years?

Or is it just as likely that my current test is a false positive? Has anyone else been in a similar situation ? I really thought I’d be in the clear because of the length of time I’ve been sexually inactive.

Hi Lessa, glad you found this forum to reach out to :slight_smile:
There is a lot that scientists and medical professionals can’t say with certainty about HPV. They can’t seem to agree about latent or dormant infections and many other aspects so it’s impossible to say how long HPV has been dormant/active and how often within your body

The mental impact of a positive result is very difficult especially when there are so many unknowns

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