Hpv possitive now negative could I still have abnormal cells

Hi guys hope someone can shed some light I’ve been looking on line ect but nothing
Basically I had hpv positive a year ago no abnormal cells so I had it repeated and just got my results back hpv negative which is good basically I’m 38 I’ve never had an abnormal test before and it was my first time being tested for hpv been with my husband 6 years so I’m guessing it was an infection from a while ago . What I want to know is where it’s saying negative they won’t test for any cell abnormalities could it have caused anything in the year even though it’s now negative it’s just me over thinking I guess it’s just not clear

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Hi Dawn

I had the exact same situation. Tested positive in 2021 with no changes. Then negative 2022 and put back to 3 year call back. Then had symptoms and had to push quite a bit to get checked again…

But just got results of a colposcopy punch biopsy where the nurse thought I might have CIN2/3 from looking, and im now CIN1 with signs of hpv. So confusing!!

I’m guessing my 2022 must have just been a false negative but it is all rather confusing! I’d say don’t worry, you’ve probably fought it off and there must be statistics for the nhs to decide this is the safest way of doing the smear program…but if you have any symptoms then do push to get it double checked!

Oh wow that is confusing …
Least you’re sorted now but you shouldn’t have had to push like that should you .
So are they doing anything for you now or waiting?
It’s frustrating thinking about it spent the last year stressing about getting rid of the hpv and now just thinking what if on that time it’s did cause any abnormalities how would they know!
I know what you’re saying though they must have statistics and stuff for the reasen they now do it this way …
Thanks for the reply though :heart:hope everything goes well for you

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Thank you :blush:. Have to go back in 3 months for another colposcopy but fingers crossed if all ok then I’ll just go back to annual smear (so i assume that’s because they’ve decided I do still have hpv after all).

Fingers crossed in your case it is simply that you really have fought off the virus!

Unfortunately being negative after being positive doesn’t mean you’re clear. I’m walking proof of that. I was shocked to find out your sample isn’t even looked at if you’re HPV negative, I’d been negative since 2011!
It’s up to us ladies to know and educate other ladies on the symptoms of CC x

Hi ive got exactly the same problem but looking forward :slight_smile: eat healthy start taking AHCC if you’re smoking stop smoking no stress get a good rest is all up to our immune system i wasss really really bad crying not eating and sleeping but damage is done now the best thing you can do is research ehat do eat ect ect stay safe dont over think please :pray:t4:

This is what I mean
I tested possitive in 2022
But no abnormal cells
Then 2023 neg hpv so they won’t check the cells so I’m wondering if cells could be abnormal in that year it’s all different the way they do things now

Well keep us posted on sure will all be good on your end got my fingers crossed for you …
I kinda wish I was still being monitored of that makes any sence …
Wen I tested positive I had just had my baby 12 weeks before so I wasn’t sure maybe my immune system was so low after giving birth … either way it’s in my bloody body now and just tried to do what I could … fingers crossed I think u just don’t stop worrying

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Definitely, I will be posting the new results it’s just I don’t want to worry a lot because stress is not really good for it. How are you doing? Do they do you get treatment for it? Is the baby okay? Do you have any warts now after a year?

@leigh I hope you don’t mind me asking what your story is? Hope you’re doing okay?

Hi @Lou_44 i was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma stage 2B in April this year following a clear smear HPV negative in January this year. Smear nurse noted an ‘erosion’ but this was dismissed after my smear came back ok. It was only when I went back to my GP in March for post coital bleeding that I got fast tracked and diagnosed. My history before that was clear smears since 2010 when I did get invited to colposcopy for borderline changes and I did have HPV, but I didn’t have anything done, just a look and see you in a year, which then became clear smears no HPV. So I’m a mystery. How did I get an HPV cancer with apparently no HPV for 13 years? There’s an audit being done to see when it got missed. Im waiting on the results of my MRI, I’ll find out next month if the chemorads worked :crossed_fingers: x

@leigh I’m sorry to hear that and really hope you get some answers, the system is messed up sometimes!

Good luck with your results & sending positive vibes your way. x

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I’m not convinced by the hpv screening. I’ve been trying to research it myself as my last smear 2019 was hpv negative and I was diagnosed with stage 3 cc early this year. I’m guessing I was also infected years ago and maybe cleared the infection but the damage was done?!? I can’t really find a full scientific background to how it all works some details seem unknown. The worrying thing is I was going to the drs with symptoms and being told no you’re fine smear was negative for over a year. I hope I haven’t worried you even more but I just think we all need to be aware of what can go wrong and push for answers without being fobbed off.

I do hope all of your treatment for stage 3 is going/ has gone well Claire.

Yes - I’ve had to really push for further investigation even though I had symptoms as my 2022 smear was hpv negative. It does seem some changes are being missed with the assumption that no hpv detected means there’s certainly no issue.

My doctor referred me for a colposcopy in the September, and they just offered a telephone call with colposcopy where the doctor said it was not possible for my symptoms to be to do with my cervix due to the negative smear. This is despite me telling her the nurse said she could see a ‘rough area’ when she took the smear (which she noted down with the test at the time). And despite my having tested positive for hpv in 2021.

I think we just have to be pushy if we feel something is not right as this new way of only testing for hpv has some doctors assuming there’s no issue and clearly sometimes there can be. (When I finally got colposcopy they found polyp, ectropian, evidence of hpv and cin1!). Had I not pushed I’d have had to wait another 3 years for smear.

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