HPV positive

Hi everyone - just some advice really. I had a smear test and although there are no cancerous cells the letter said I was positive for HPV and have to go back in one year. Does anyone know if you are allowed to go back for another smear at 6 months rather than wait? I’m really worried as all the years I have had smears my results have been clear. Im scared if I leave it too long there’s a chance they may turn cancerous in the meantime. 

Hi, I understand your concern, but if you only have the virus with no abnormalities, then that’s good news. Most women are able to shake off the virus within 2 years; if you smoke, this can make it even much difficult for your immune system to fight it off. Does it say ‘high risk’ HPV? As not all HPV strains lead to abnormalities.

Cervical cancer doesn’t occur overnight, but can take up to 10-15 years and not all women infected with HPV or diagnosed with CIN, will progress that far.