Hpv positive

I’m not sure where to post this but thought this would be the most appropriate place…

In February I tested positive for Hpv. Tesyed because im now 32. My pap was normal and it always has been so this was a big shock and hard to deal with. I did have colposcopy done yesterday which the midwife said my cervix looked good and she saw NO changes…but HOW…if I have HPV shouldn’t there be changes even if just mild?! She took a random biopsy so I guess we will see and did an ECC…

My question is…how do we deal with this? I’m having a very hard time knowing that I have HPV and there’s nothing I can do but wait around for it to cause harm! I’ve been married for 10 years so this is NOT new and is persistent.

They are doing nothing for us ladies who test positive and are scared out of our minds but can’t receive any treatment because there’s nothing there…yet!!

I’m just so confused and depressed…is anyone in the same boat as me?! I feel very alone as most woman either test negative or have changes that they are dealing with…

HPV is so common. Lots of people have it without even knowing as the body just deals with it. 

Some however may get warts/verrucas, others may get coldsores and a few of us lucky ones might get cervical cell changes. There are hundreds of HPV strains, many of them don't cause any problems at all. Having HPV isn't something to be ashamed of as pretty much every member of the human race will get it at some point. Testing positive doesn't necessarily mean you will have cell changes either. Try not to be too down hearted. 


Hi ladies hope u are all OK I've just received my results from my smear and have abnormal cells and tested positive for hpv I'm confused can someone please explain I'm just worried I seen infection and I know I haven't been else were 

I tested positive after 10 years of marriage and never an abnormal pap so I am just as confused!! I don't know if I've had it the whole 10-12 years..if it just reactivated or perhaps my husband has been unfaithful  (which I highly doubt but again I can't know for sure)....it is all so frustrating and overwhelming. I'm having the hardest time moving on from this...not like you can :( I'm not sure where the benefit for Hpv testing comes in...it's not like they do anything special...I had to insist to getting a colposcopy because they felt it unnecessary...what the...you just told me I have hpv and have no way in knowing how long it's been there but you think I'm fine!! Well them why even test me!

The consultant I saw on Tuesday told me, hpv can come from your very first sexual encounter as it can lay dormant for years. 



I've found out that i've got a HPV infection recently. I'm feeling exactly the same as you. I took it very badly when i recieved the letter that i've got abnormal results because I haven't had a partner in about 4 years. I've been celibate and trying to save myself for someone. This hurt me alot. HPV must of lay dormant in my system from whoever gave it me.  I think it's disgusting that they can't test men for HPV and cervical smears are the only way to detect it in women.