HPV positive with High grade changes, please help

Hi I am sick with worry and anxiety too. I had a strange period on the 5th of September, it was like old blood and was very light, hardly anything on a pad, then on the 26th of September I started bleeding again, it lasted for 13days, (8th of October) I had sex with my husband on the 12th and I bleed heavily straight after, I passed string like clots on the 23rd and the bleeding didn’t stop until the 31st, it wasn’t constantly heavy. I went to the doctor, I had a smear and swabs done, tested positive for BV, been for a blood test which showed some sort of infection (repeat blood test booked for the 21st of this month) I then had a scan which showed a clot in my womb. I’ve just received my smear results (4days ago) I’m HPV positive with high grade changes. I’m so worried and scared, I can’t sleep. I’m waiting for a letter for my colposcopy appointment. Has anyone been through the same thing? What was the outcome? I’m petrified I have cervical cancer.

Hi @Leah

Many of us, including myself, have had abnormal bleeding then discovered i had high grade changes but nothing more than CIN was found, mine was diagnosed through a colposcopy biopsy though so my story is slightly different…

i had been diagnosed with CIN1 previously and put on a 12 month recall, in that time the abnormal bleeding started but mine lasted for months, another HPV+ low grade smear sent me for a colposcopy… i bled when i was getting changed into the gown they managed to take biopsies which upgraded my cells to CIN3 and they informed me they were also looking for an invasion, i had a LLETZ successfully under GA only 1 treatment was necassary and it came back that i had precancerous cells only with no invasion of any kind… the LLETZ seemed to have coincidently stopped my abnormal bleeding for a couple of months then the abnormal bleeding starts again, convinced they were going to find something again at my 6 month follow up however it was HPV- so im back on the 3 year recall

There are many things that can cause abnormal bleeding aswell as blood tests indicating an infection including BV and when we add an abnormal smear to the mix we automatically think we have cancer, but smears arnt a diagnostic the colposcopy is its more accurate at grading the cells and despite the severe result it doesnt necassarily mean they are looking for cancer, when CC is suspected from a smear theres usually an indication in the results along the lines of “high grade (?invasion)” or some dont even receive a letter they just get a phonecall from the colposcopy clinic to come in ASAP but that doesnt seem to be the case

Even with the symptoms your experiencing and the abnormal smear, self diagnosing may be a little premature xx

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