HPV Positive - what is protocol if it does not go away after 2 years? what are my chances of cancer? Terrified

Hi everyone

I recently tested positive for HPV but no abnormal cells.

I am called to go back in one year. I have seen on Jo's Trust that if the same happens again and my body does not clear the virus then I will go back in another year (if no cell changes) but then if the same happens again (positive HPV but no cell changes) then you are sent for a colposcopy. What would happen at this? If you never clear the virus what are the chances of ending up with cancer?

Hi I'm not too sure about that as i have cin111 with hpv, most of the time the hpv can go away its self i know my hpv caused my abnormal cells my body wasn't able to fight off the virus so hopefully ur body is and that could be why u don't have abnormal cells, I had a colposcopy a few weeks ago it's your cervix looked at with a microscope and there was a few biopsys taken and sent away to be looked at, 

I'll try to help put you at ease. Cervical cancer generally takes years to develop. Having HPV means that you have to be a little more on top of things (getting smears a little more frequently, colposcop/biopsy). By following a regular schedule of follow ups will reduce your chances. I've been dealing with this for a couple of years, first with low grade changes, then ASCUS, then normal. I'm hopeful for myself that it's going away finally. But I'll still keep getting checked. Just don't stress, know you're not alone and keep getting checked out, yourself. Hugs! <3

Hi I do the biopsi and smeer test and is positive and is find me hpv i am scared and I have appoiment Monday for do the treatment !!! I want to know what is the procedure!! Thx