HPV positive two times ? Recurrence/dormancy

I tested positive for HPV positive in 2006. Colposcopy showed no cell changes. Then paps/hpv were negative until 2013 and showed positive again. Colposcopy done and showed no cell changes. I have been married since 1981. Can these be dormant hpv showing up as recurrences? I thought when you are job positive, your body clears it in 1-2 years. I am very confused. Did my partner cheat on me and second positive is a new infection. I found information saying immune system will clear first infection and second is a new infection. Can someone help me understand…is it possible for first infection to not clear and go dormant and show up again seven years later???

I know, HPV suddenly appearing again can make you worry. I asked ChatGPT (I find it gives clearer answers than google but it warns “ChatGPT can make mistakes, consider checking important information”) which said “If HPV becomes dormant, it’s typically the same strain that reactivates later. The body’s immune system usually suppresses the virus, but it can reactivate under certain conditions, especially if the immune system weakens over time.”

So it’s difficult to know whether it’s the same infection or a new one and it may only cause you extra stress trying to work out where it came from.

ChatGPT says this about strengthening the immune system: “ Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key. Eating a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins, getting regular exercise, managing stress, ensuring adequate sleep, staying hydrated, and avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol consumption all contribute to a robust immune system.”

Good luck and hope your immune system does its work and your results show that the HPV has ‘gone’ (immune system suppressed) at your next Pap test.

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Hello Darling!
Rae has given a really good reply which I hope has reassured you.
I am not sure where you found the information about first infections and second infections but the information I have seen from reputable sources like here at Jos Trust or the cancer websites of other Western countries say that dormancy and reactivation do occur.

Anecdotally we have also had lots of ladies come to Jos Trust here who have been sexually inactive due to being single, widowed or whatever other reason and they have experienced positive HPV results or been in and out of positivity with no new partners.

If you have only had colposcopy and not had any treatment that takes away pre cancerous cells it sounds like your body has been doing a good job of suppressing the infection most of the time. There are many reasons why you might come out of dormancy…illness, COVID, stress and many other reasons

HPV education is still not there for people, there remains a big stigma attached to it and I do think the way that HPV testing has been rolled out (in the UK at least) has resulted in a lot of confusion and worry for people.

Hope this all helps to put your mind at rest x