HPV Positive result from smear test

Just recieved my smear test results and am HPV positive. Have been asked to return for a smear test in a year. We are planning on trying for a baby at the end of this year but concerned the HPV may make it difficult to concieve or harm the baby?

Also, concerned that if we was lucky enough to fall pregnant quickly then i may be pregnant when i am due to have my smear test. Can they still be done while pregnant?

Has anyone had HPV and it cleared up on its own? I have read folic acid a vitamin B can help. Anyone tried this?

Overall trying to stay calm, have managed to get a doctors appointment for 2 weeks time to talk to them. Have a big history in my family with cancer but not cervical.

thank you x

Hi hun.

I am 12 weeks pregnant, got my smear results after I found out at 4 weeks that I have borderline abnormal cells and high risk HPV. (See my post at the top of forum if u wish)

It will not affect a pregnancy or child birth so don't worry about that.

They tend not to touch the cervix when pregnant. I went for a colposcopy and they wouldn't do a biopsy due to my pregnancy but will monitor me through out. I have to go for another one in October.

It's terrifying to be honest having to leave it and not knowing what's going on down there properly, but the birth itself can get rid of abnormal cells! 

They are not concerned about the HPV affecting my baby.


Hope this helps x