HPV Positive Repeat Smear - New Symptoms

Hi. I had my first smear early 2023 and was told I was HPV positive, which came as quite a shock having never had any symptoms and having just left an 11 year relationship. I was reassured with the same advice I’m sure you’re all familiar with and so got on with finalizing my divorce before returning for my second smear just recently, which once again showed me to be HPV positive, though I still had never presented with any symptoms. I have now began a new relationship, and my new partner is very concerned about the infection. Having spoken to my doctor she has once again reassured me he has nothing to worry about having had no symptoms himself and that I was never under any obligation to disclose my result to him at all being such a widespread and largely undiagnosed virus, but he is unconvinced. What else can I do to reassure him?

I also now seem to be developing a cold sore for the very first time in my life. Is this related to the HPV? My partner says he has never had one before either. I’m quite upset about the whole situation and worried about what it could mean for our relationship.

Thanks in advance for any advice x

Cold sore are caused by the herpes virus not HPV. I think people get them confused because sometimes herpes is called HSV so 1 letter away from HPV. There are also 2 kinds of HSV but it is even more confusing because the strains which are oral and genital don’t always match where they live or how they are transmitted example you can transmit genital herpes by kissing!!!

its a virus too like HPV and can be dormant for a really long time with both HPV and HSV it is very difficult to trace back and figure out who gave who what.
U and your partner may be silent carriers for HSV but because you are stressed about HPV your immune system means the cold sore can develop, or maybe another reason.

As for ur new partner there is information on the main Jos Trust site about how common HPV is, it should also have info about how men cannot be tested for HPV. If the new partner was not vaccinated which he probably hadn’t been he could have picked up HPV from previous partners
Just cos they never had an HPV positive test or cell changes doesn’t mean they didn’t have HPV as a couple. HPV testing is quite new and some infections are dormant a long time anyway

Like his ex girlfriend could have cell changes from HPV caused by an infection he gave her but it not show up for 5, 10 or more years! There is no way of knowing and it’s a big waste of your energy and his energy to worry about where it came from

I think I should say too that even if u have both been tested for STDs in the paste you will not have been tested for HPV or HSV just the usual tests like clamidiya, HIV etc
No HPV because it is a new test as part of the smear program and HSV because medical people can only sample active sores.

Hope this helps u