HPV positive, rapid progression of CIN 1 to CIN 3?

Hello all,

In July 2018, I did a PAP that turned out abnormal with CIN I/Low Grade SIL.  A week later, to make especially sure, I did another PAP at the same doctor, but we sent it to a different lab for analyis. It provided the same result. Doctor recommended a colposcopy, but said there was no urgency given the CIN1. In August 2018, I was travelling to a country that has more advanced health care than where I live (I'm not based in the UK).  The Ob/GYN there ran an HPV test and did another PAP. I tested positive for HPV 16 and this smear showed CIN 3/High Grade SIL. I am quite confused - can CIN 1 progress to CIN 3 within a 3 week period? I should also point out that my August Pap was done on the first day of my period (which was very heavy). Could this impact the CIN levels? Am now going to get yet another opinion and will undertake colposcopy. Has anyone else seen major changes in CIN levels at different labs/testing centres?

It’s unlikely for CIN1 to progress to CIN3 within that short amount of time. It usually takes several years, as it‘s very slow growing.

It’s possible that you have patches of CIN1 cells with CIN3 cells and the first pap only picked up the former. Furthermore, having a pap during your period can easily skew the results. Good job that your doctor opted to do another pap so soon.

i wouldn’t bother having another pap again, but go for the colposcopy. The guidelines here in the UK is: CIN1 result is automatically tested for HPV. CIN2/3 colposcopy appointment.

Thank you! This is very helpful. Have scheduled a colposcopy and will await those results.