HPV positive, no cell changes

Hi ladies,

I'm 24 (25 in July), mum to 4 little girls. I had my first smear in January and received my results today.. I am HPV positive with no cell changes. I have to be retested in a year. 

I'm wondering if anyone else is the same age and has any stories? What was your outcomes a year later. I can't do nothing but panic and worry.

Ive tried googling and it's not coming up with much!

Thank you xx

Hi Lucy, I'm not in the same position as you as I had to have treatment but a close friend of mine had hpv and I think just borderline changes. She was sent for colposcopy to check, all looked ok so told to come back in a year. Her next smear was normal and hpv negative. Hpv is very common, my consultant told me something like 80% of people will have it at some point and most people clear it themselves. Best thing you can do is try not to over worry and try and boost your immune system so your body can fight the infection. Lots of fruit and veg, take a good vitamin etc. If you smoke then try and stop as there is a strong link between smoking and cervical problems. Just be as healthy as possible to give your body the best chance of clearing the hpv. 

Hi Lucy

Before the recently introduced HPV primary screening programme all you'd have known, right now, is 'no abnormal cells' - come back in 3 years time.  It's understandable to be concerned about knowing you are HPV positive, but it really is much better to be informed and it means the health service will monitor you more closely.  So be sure to get checked in a years time and as Libby says, in the meantime, focus on keeping healthy to support your immune system to clear the virus.

It is estimated that HPV primary screening should result in 500 fewer cases of cervical cancer a year in England:


I wish HPV screening had been in place when I was attending for smear tests; I'm sure that If I'd known I was HPV positive I wouldn't have stopped going for smears when I did (see my back story)!


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Hi Jazza

You are a star!! Thank you for all the support you offer!


Hi lucyli95

I've just received a letter from my doctor to say I have HPV, no abnormal cells found and to go back for a smear test in a years time. But obviously I am worried sick about it. Lots of things going through my head like how did I get it, was it pass from my partner or will I pass it to him. I'm really feeling down with it as it's another thing on top of other things. I have had a chat with an advisor on this site and it's helped but can't get over to just be normal for a year and that my immune system hopefully fights it. It didn't help either when my husband says the same thing as he read the letter and it says just that. He thinks it's not serious as I'm sure it is very common but I'm like would I get cc from this. How are you coping with it now?

Hello there! You are not the only one. Same as my result 2 weeks ago. still positive of HPV But no abnormal cells. I have been dealing this since 2020. My gyneocolgist told me that my case is declining. I am hoping that I’ll be negative hpv after 6 months. I have vitamins to take every day! And I think it helped me a lot. I used to have abnormal Pap smear and Hpv positive but now .Pap smear is normal but still fighting for this HpV .

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