HPV positive low grade Cells - overthinking

Last Friday I received the letter that I am HPV positive with low grade dyskaryosis.
I had abnormal cells 25 years ago, so this came as a shock.
The last year I have had an occasion of bleeding between my period , just a spot also pelvic pain. I’ve had swabs, bloods and a pelvic and transviginal ultrasound, all came back ok, the pelvic pain they put down to an old scar tissue, had an ablation and cyst removed in 2017.
So, after these results and having lower back and leg pain over the last few days I’m putting it all together and thinking the worst.
I think it’s all probably heightened as I lost my mum to pancreatic cancer five years ago.
There are no appointments at my local hospital until March, so a long wait to see someone.

Hi! I have just received my smear results 6 weeks after my test and I have HPV+ and low-grade Dyskaryosis. I have to go for a colposcopy (waiting for the appt through the post). I feel the same, so anxious. This was my first ever smear and nobody in my family has ever had abnormal cells so I feel anxious too. You can’t help but over think no matter what anyone says to you. Hope you’re okay and I hope your treatment goes okay xxxx

I also don’t have periods often due to having the implant, only every so often a few cramps and a period might come along! I am wondering if I should have flagged this up years ago but I always presumed it was a side effect from the implant x

Thanks for your reply , I think it’s the waiting that gets to people, then you start googling and every little bit of a niggle in your body seams to be something serious.
Fingers x your appointment comes through soon x