HPV positive Low grade before colposcopy

Hi everyone,


I am HPV positive and had low grade cell changes, I have my colposcopy a week today.

My question is if it's low grade why do I need the colposcopy and what the outcome was for anyone else that had similar? Do they still do I biopsy? I'm a bit confused.


Thank you xx

so I had high grade (moderate) and had my Colposcopy yesterday with biopsies.

The whole point of a colposcopy is to look at the cells under the microscope, they use a dye to highlight any abnormal cells and do an extremely thorough check. The whole point of this screening process is to monitor these cells as soon as they start changing. They might look and decide your cells might fix themselves and no further action other than more regular smears. Or they might decide to be precautious and take biopsies. 
Definitely worth doing for piece of mind. I feel 1000% times better today than I did yesterday. 
Don't stress about the biopsy, you don't feel much pain At all xx

Thank you, I just assumed low grade meant CIN 1, could it sometimes be different then? Did you bleed after the biopsies xx

So I'm 1.5 days post biopsy and there is blood/discharge. They use silver nitrate to seal the biopsy (doesn't hurt) so it causes a strange colour. 
CIN1 obviously less of a concern, good chance they will look and ask for more regular cervical tests.

good luck!