HPV positive long timers - looking for solidarity / advice / space to share worries

Hi sorry to hear this :frowning: can I ask how you know it’s hpv 16? I have hpv but don’t no which one

I was told I had a “high risk” strain. I asked them specifically which one and it said hpv 18 on my notes. They will likely know if you ask the direct question. I also did a superdrug test which correctly identified hpv 18 too. Hope this helps xx

Hi. I’m 65 and it’s been in the last year and a half I’ve found out I have hpv. Had a colcoscopy a couple of months ago and biopsy was clear thank goodness. Now new husband of 4 years and I are concerned about hpv. How long have I had it? Hubby concerned he gave me it? Will it go away? No one seems to have answers. Think they need to make this more known to all women! Even my nurse at the doctors surgery was surprised I was so concerned about it.

Hope you manage to get some support with your diagnosis. I have had the same attitude from my surgery staff who refuse to give me an all clear smear because I am over 65. I had one all clear from the NHS but 2 Superdrug tests came back positive for high grade HPV.
I have gone through many stages of health anxiety with with this and now have had to leave it and just keep a lookout for symptoms.
If anyone knows how to get the second ‘all clear’ after HPV NHS smear after 65 please share.
Good luck!

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Defo go privately and have a route of smear, colposcopy, hpv dna test and biopsy. This is my warmest piece of advice.

P.S. I would sell my house for my health and my family’s health <3


Hi, I recently received letter stating i’m high risk HPV positive and got my LLETZ coming up for supposed high grade cells (awaiting biopsy for confirmation)

My worry is that this may have been a problem for a long while without me realising. I’m 32, had my first smear in July ever. I haven’t had sex for 6 years, so does this mean the HPV I may have contracted back then has stayed in my body and not been fought off and grown these abnormal cells?

Hello, the truth is that there is no way of knowing whatever the HPV has been active for a long time or whatever you got infected your body managed to keep it under control and now for some reason has not been able to. One theory is the inmune system. I wouldn’t worry too much about it as there is no answer for it . Most important is getting Lletz done to get rid of the abnormal cells and not overthinking is very pointless I did it and is not helpful. Lletz is very effective . :ok_hand: take care


Hello what symptoms do you have ? I have had high risk HPV for 6 years just that I know of and my recent one just said I have low grade dyskaryosis

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share a (tentatively) positive timeline of my experience.

2018- borderline changes detected on smear
2020- referred to colposcopy, CIN1 diagnosed by biopsy
2021- colposcopy #2, CIN1 plus changes on the vaginal wall sent for biopsy
2022- paid for HPV test, positive but not for strains 16/18 (makes sense as was vaccinated with cervarix as a teenager)
2022- changes to cervix almost completely disappeared except for a small spot, some changes to vaginal wall still present. No biopsy taken, only smear
2023- (today!) abnormalities on vaginal wall and cervix no longer visible by colposcopy, smear sample taken only.

I just wanted to share with everyone that it CAN regress naturally, as I have had no LLETZ, and that more than 2 years is normal! Have a feeling that I will probably still have HPV despite the changes regressing, but I’m very pleased that the abnormalities have gone. Sending love to you all 🩷

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I’ve had high risk hpv since my very first smear at 24, which was eight years ago and have been on yearly smears ever since which sent me to a few colposcopies (about 3-4) and I only ever had a biopsy on one occasion which showed CIN1 and I have always had a ‘wait and see’ approach, however, fast forward to last year and I forgot about my smear appointment and didn’t rebook, so this year I go to my appointment and the smear is hpv + with mild changes. I was sent to colposcopy and they took two biopsies and my result is CIN2 which was removed with LLETZ, I now have another appointment booked in at the gynae clinic with a doctor and have no idea why? I thought it was to discuss my results as they still haven’t arrived.

I would love to know how to shift this hpv! I also just missed out on a vaccine x

Hello, how long did you take AHCC before you got your negative result? Your story gave me lots of hope, thank you!

Hi! How long did you take the AHCC before it cleared? Was it 3 months? Your story gave me so much hope thank you!

Hard to be exact as it was some time ago but think it was probably about 6 months as I was having fairly regular vault smears under hospital. That was taking 3mg across 3 meals. Hope it works for you too.

Thank you soo much for your response, I will keep my fingers crossed that it works for me too, thank you!!

Take the AHCC on an empty stomach, I buy mine from time health it’s alot cheaper than kinko gold one

Thanks for the tip! Yes I’ve been taking mine for a bit over a month now, on an empty stomach! How long have you been taking yours? Any positive signs so far?

Hi I’ve been in mine since beginning of August as I had low grade cell changes and HPV positive in July, had colposcopy in September and results last week to confirm as was Thot, to repeat smear in 6 months so won’t know till then but all I can say is I’ve not had a cold or been unwell since starting them and both kids have had colds etc so must b doing something :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: xx

Can I just ask you ladies, I’ve been thinking…I’m taking AHCC as I’ve had low grade abnormal cells, to repeat smear in 6 months…what happens if say the AHCC rids the HPV but I still have cell changes the lab wouldn’t check for cell changes if the HPV is gone, that scares me a bit as what If they cell changes have progressed and they don’t check it???

Hi all,

I’m not quite a long timer yet but I’m 26 and have had my second positive test in 2 years.
I’ve been told an appt for a colposcopy will be made for me but this is months ago and I’m still waiting. Does it normally take this long to get these appointments?

I was panicking thinking it was going to turn into the worst, having to wait this long but I found comfort in that it’s common for people to have it for a long time and be fine as I had no idea but that’s poor education on my part.
I’m a worrier so not knowing it sending the anxiety through the roof.

Hello everyone
Im new to this.
I suffer from extreme health anxiety and here i go again… i could cry (well i have done when i opened the letter)
I am young 57 year old… so i have persistent HPV… ive had abnormal smears a few times.
Ive had 2 lletz procedures the most recent April this year.
They went in at 11m. Which i gather they normally go 10mm.
Had my follow up 3 weeks ago and have received a letter saying im still HPV but have got borderline changes but need a colposcopy to investigate further.
I wonder if anyone has had a abnormal result so soon after the lletz procedure?

P.S what is AHCC?