Hpv positive (high risk?), low grade dskaryosis

Hi all, i am 58. Only just spent a year without periods so i guess i am post menopause. In April i get my first abnormal smear and 2nd hpv positive smear. I have a colposcopy in a months time. The first letter stated low grade dyskaryosis and hpv. The second letter received today worded it as low grade dyskaryosis and high risk hpv. Is it possible that they know i am one of the high risk strains and so more at risk or is this just a general letter they send out because you are at higher risk if you have abnormal cells and HPV.

It is important for me to know if i have a high risk strain. I kind of had a gut feeling i had high risk hpv from years ago as i have been with my partner solely for 15 years. I am thinking of buying the Superdrug hpv testing kit.

Thanks for any help. Hope it all makes sense. I have so many questions and no one to talk to and a partner saying i am over reacting lol.

You are correct - you have been determined to have one of the high-risk strains of HPV - this may possibly have become active because of the hormonal changes and stresses of the menopause - it’s not the cells that are high risk. In fact you have low-grade dyskaryosis (cell changes) which in most cases go away by themselves, but it’s good that you’re going to get a further check on the abnormal cells. To my mind there is no point in buying an expensive home testing kit because you’ve been told you have a high risk strain and there is no exclusive treatment for specific strains of HPV. Well no ‘treatment’ for it anyway, but important to keep an eye on those cells….


Thank you for your quick reply. Having been told i have some abnormal cells , doesnt every patient want them to be eradicated now. I dont think i could wait a year although i appreciate it is only mild changes at this stage. I feel like i will be playing a waiting game for the rest of my life.

Is it possible to have several treatments if cells keep coming back?

On the positive side i have been reading about the benefits of drinking green tea and have been drinking 4 cups a day.

I am anxious probably more than most i think because 24 years ago i lost my husband to bowel cancer, aged 37. Completely unrelated i know.