HPV positive High risk & abnormal cells, lower abdominal & back pain

Hi All

I have been referred for a colposcopy next week as I am HPV high risk and have abnormal cells. I have also been expecting lower back pain for sometime along with twinges and occasional stabbing pains in my lower abdomen/vagina as well as needing to urinate a lot more frequently.

I’m just wondering if other people who had pain in lower abdomen and if so what it was like?

Thank you

I am currently in the same position as you! Had the smear come back with abnormal cells and hpv positive went for a colposcopy and the doctor confirmed they are high grade servere pre cancerous cells and treatment is needed! Biopsy's taken and waiting anxiously for the test results am having back pain and abdominal pain seriously worried! Feel in limbo waiting for the results back and what treatment I need! You are not alone my dear xx 

Same here, I had LLETZ two months ago and I have been experiencing back and stomach ache since, the stomach pain is like a stabbing/dull ache/bloated and feels like my stomach is dragging down.  I expected after effects but not for this long & I'm wondering whether this is actually normal now :(  

Hi. I macurrently going through the same experonec you describe. I am due my app at the colposcopy clinic 18/12 - not long no wbut seems liek an age away. I was just wondering how you got on? what was the outcome for you?


I hoep you are keeping well.



Hi Ladies. I am currently going through this the now and due my Coloscopy 18/12 and I have got to say I am petrified! I am 37 and my smear came back after 5 weeks with +hpv and morderate cell changes. Not so much for the procedure and why might need to be done but the results....all I can think about are my two young children. 

I was just wondering how you all got in and what outcomes you had? 

Clare x

Hi Ladies, 

I a. Currently going through this situation now, I'm waiting to be tested again as my cells have come back abnormal and positive for HPV. I have had lower back pain for about 4 months on and off but I'm very active and put it down to over exercising. 

How did you get on with your results and the back pian?