HPV Positive High Grade dyskaryosis Advice Plz

I have had HPV for years and body cannot seem to shift it, I have had mild cell changes before and had treatment, currently having smears every year. Last years was HPV positive and no cell changes.

The one last month has came back HPV positive with high grade severe dyskaryosis, has anyone had something similar in a short space of time to go from no changes to high grade?
I received a call inviting me for colposcopy in two days time which has made me concerned that they have booked me in so quickly.
Will treatment be done on the day, do they usually biopsy? Anyone any simlilar experiences like this? I had been getting bleeding and pain and bleeding after bowel movements with back pain so kind of expected it would show something just not sure if I am worrying unnecessarily?

Any help would be appreciated, thank you

Sorry to hear about all your appointments and worry. How was your colposcopy the other day? Hope you’re okay x