HPV positive but unsure how to tell my partner

Hi there,

Just recieved the results of my (28) smear test (first one under the new system - first in 2017 and no issues found) to be high risk HPV but no abnormal cells with a 1 year recall. I had the HPV vaccine when I was 12/13 so the news has come as a bit of a shock. I've been in my current relationship since January last year and feel like I should tell my partner but don't know how to, especially as we've not seen each other for months due to COVID. It is likely I caught it from one of my hookups (had a period where my depression spiralled into a lot of one night stands that I'm not proud of) which he knows of.

How do I tell him I'm high risk HPV? I don't want it to break us up as I'm terrified of going back into a depressive slide again and I know it's cliche, but the 'when you know, you know' feeling is strong between the both of us. His brother in law is a pharmasist so I'm debating getting him to help explain but it's also a private thing that I don't know if I want to share.

Sorry if this is just random rambling but I'm feeling sick to my stomach over this and stress over COVID and regular job impact (am a key worker with vulnerable parents who have thankfully both been vaccinated) is just screwing with my head and making rational thinking hard.

Any advice/support would be welcome.

I certainly have no good advice for this. I hope someone can answer this and help you.

I can understand this completely. 

I also got the vaccine in high school so was surprised to say the least when I got my results. On the back of my letter it said the vaccine only protects again 70% of HPV strains. It also says you don't have to tell anyone if you don't want to because it's that common. It never told me whether I was high risk or low risk or what strain I was found to have.

Please don't feel obliged to tell him, but if you do you should also tell him it's more than likely he also has it. xx

Does it mean better not to disclose that you are a carrier even if it involves low risk? Is it not being selfish?