HPV Positive but unclear abnormal cell results


I recently turned 25, went for my smear test expecting nothing to be wrong. 

Yesterday I got my results stating I am 'HPV positive', but my test for abnormal cells were not clear due to lack of reliable cells. I now have to go back for another smear test in 3 months. 

I just wanted to see whether anyone else has experienced anything similar. 

Receiving the results by letter has just left me feeling terrified especially as I may have abnormal cells, and now having to wait till early June then another month for the results. I know that it could be absolutely fine and the HPV may clear by itself, but I guess the unknown feels worse right now. 

Any advice, or experiences of something similar very welcome! 



What a nightmare for you.


If it's any consolation, I haven't had the same experience, but I was told after my smear in January that I was HPV positive and had high grade severe dyskaryosis. Then after a colposcopy where they decided to treat me there and then I had LLETZ to remove the abnormal cells and was told they didn't get them all.


I had to wait another month for them to discuss me at a multidisciplinary team meeting as they're only monthly and I'd just missed the last one.


To then find out they were concerned so have sent my biopsy to a lead specialist for further testing.


I'm now three months on since my smear with no answers (was told I would get them today) knowing that they have left abnormal cells inside me and that the biopsy required further tests due to concerns they won't explain to me.


So, if it is cancer, I'm guessing they're pretty certain it's not going to do much over the course of 3 months, or they would have whipped me in already for 'just in case scenarios'.


I've no idea if the above makes sense, I'm pretty upset at the moment as I've just been told I'll have to call back on Monday instead. But my hope is that this comment will give you some relief and help you to feel better in the sense of, even when they know someone has CIN III as a minimum, it's still three months later and they've not got rid of it all. Xx


I wish you lots of luck for your results in three months xx