Hpv positive but no sexual contact for years

Im nearly 28 and finally went for my cervical screening (very late i know ) i want expecting anything but i got back a postive for HPV with no abnormalities. How is this even possible when i have had no kind of sexual contact since i was 18. There has been no long term contact of any kind. No holding hands no kissing no hugging ( im not a lover of physical contact) i know it can stay dormant for a while but that seems abit of a long dormancy and surely it would have caused some damage if it was a longterm infection? Is there any other way i could have contacted it? Everything i have read says its sexual contact or long term skin to skin only and im driving myself wild ( anxiety disorder) i connot think about anything ither then how i have contracted HPV i was vaccinated when i was in school so thought that should have offered at least some protection aswell.

Hi @Mv123456

HPV doesnt always cause abnormalities, its just a possible reaction to the virus rather than a definitive reaction… HPV dormancy can last for many years even decades, it is possible that its either been dormant all this time or it has been active just not causing any issues but there isnt any other way to contract it other than what youve mentioned, its typically assumed we contract the virus within the first year of being sexually active this is why the vaccine is offered to school kids before they have the chance to ‘explore’, im also in the club of being vaccinated, still caught HPV and went through the whole confusion of how the hell i had it when i hadnt been sexually active for years lol… but there isnt really much point in torturing yourself over how/when you got it, the dormancy period makes it hard for any of us to know who we really caught it from and/or when, none of us really know unless weve only done things with one person

I turn 30 soon so i assume you would have had the same vaccine as me as the vaccine offered between 08-12 was cervarix (93% effective) which only protects against 2 strains, even the one offered today doesnt protect against all cancer causing strains, unless you know which particular strain you have you wont know whether your in the 7% that it didnt work for xx


I got genital warts at 17 when I was still a virgin. No intimate contact with anyone at all. I didn’t even know what they were and went to my family gp in a panic. He told me they were genital warts and removed them over a few appointments. He didn’t tell me they were sexually transmitted out of kindly discretion I think, but to this day I haven’t the faintest idea how I managed to get it. I’m told it shouldn’t be possible but there ya go. Some of us apparently have the superpower of achieving the impossible!