HPV positive but no evidence found in abnormal cells?

So, I am 27 and was diagnosed with high-risk HPV (multiple types) about 2 years ago and started my first Gardasil shot right away (finished all 3 about a year ago).  I had 2 or 3 abnormal paps (high-risk HPV detected) and finally had a cervical biopsy where there were several areas of abnormal cells.  They tested them all and said the abnormal cells were CIN 2, but not caused by my HPV.  So, I had cryotherapy done about a month later, but three paps done afterward (at 3 mo intervals) still show HPV and I just had my fourth done yesterday.  If pap comes back HPV-negative, then I'll have another one in 6 months.  Otherwise, I'm having a LEEP done ASAP.  I read somewhere that a more appropriate response to CIN 2 is a LEEP, though.  I guess I'm wondering what the odds are that the cryo didn't destroy all the abnormal cells the first time around, and it's just been progressing for the past year without me knowing.  Is that possible???  Has anyone had a similar experience??  I'm really worried about this. :/  ...thank you for reading :)

Hi there,

Often ladies will have LLETZ (or LEEP) for CIN2 here in the UK (I'm not sure where you are?). I don't know much about cryotherapy and whether that could have affected what's happening now. Could you talk to your doctor about your worries?

I'm sorry I don't have any answers but I didn't want to read and run.

Take care.