HPV positive but no abnormal cells

I'm hoping someone can help with my query as the online info is conflicting. I have been told that I have HPV but there are no abnormal cells.  I have been told to go for a repeat smear in 12 months but there is info online to suggest that I should have a colposcopy. does anybody have any advice? What should I do?

Hi Kellou,

I had a smear 3 years ago that said i had high HPV as well as borderline changes. I went sent for a colposcapy - however this only highlighted what the smear had suggested, and didnt need any cells removing.... I wasnt called for another smear for another 3 years (3 years being as Feb 2015) i am currently waiting for a LEITZ because my cells have now changed to CIN3 with high HPV. You may not need to have a colposcapy because you have no abnormal cells however i would ask your doctor if it is possible for regualr smears (every 6-12 months) as with HPV it puts youat a higer risk of developing  pre-cancerous cells. I wish i had have pushed for this.

Hope that helps

Kat x

Hi Kellou

This is what I am going through right now.  I had a smear ath the start of March and results showed no abnormal cells but tested positive for HR HPV Type 16.  I went private for my smear as I am not due an NHS one until 2016 and I wanted to get one done.  Anyway, the clinic I went to suggested a colposcopy which I had yesterday morning.  My consultant was lovely and the procedure was over very quickly, experienced some slight cramping but thats it really.  He said from what he can see the only changes I have are due to the HPV and that it should clear by itself but he did a biopsy anyway to be sure.  He said if the biospy is fine I will see him again in 6 months to check everything is fine. 

I have no medical history of abnormal smears either so I hope the virus clears by itself, he said sometimes a biospy can boots the immune system into helping fight it.  I've been taking a daily multivitamin pill and keeping as healthy as possible and I dont smoke which is a major thing.

Do you know what strain of HPV you have?  if it isnt high risk then thats why they have said to go back in a year as the virus usually clears with the help of a healthy immune system.

Gemma x

Thank you for the replies. 


There is no info in the letter I received about the strain of HPV. I've made an appointment to see my GP tomorrow morning to discuss this. I've also had some irregular bleeding in the last month so I'm going to ask for a referral for a colposcopy. Although, I'm not sure if my clinical history warrants a colposcopy. I'm hoping my GP will be sympathetic and refer me for further investigations. 

I was told it was now procedure that if you tested for the HR HPV Subtype 16 or 18 then you were sent for a colposcopy straight away even with a normal smear so maybe you dont have a HR strain of the virus.  Either way as your smear was normal I would take comfort in that.  

I hope your GP was helpful and understood your concerns.

Do let us know how you get on.  I am waiting my biospy results from my colposcopy on Tuesday so fingers crossed for us both.

Gemma x