HPV positive and non-monogamous relationship


I have a poliamorous relation with my partner, we have been together for 7 years and in my last smear test the results were positive with no abnormal cells. I do not know which type of HPV is it or any other information, just that my next smear test will be in 12 months.

Should I be worried it evolve into any type of cancer?

Would it be better for us to stop having multiple sexual partners for preventing spread the virus -even if we use condoms everytime-?

Thank you!



There are around 13-14 high risk strains of HPV (HR-HPV) which are associated with causing cervical cancer.  Cervical screening checks for these strains so you have acquired one or more of them.  So yes, you do have a risk for developing cervical cancer but it is a very small risk: tens of thousands of women in the UK test positive for HR-HPV every year - just over 3000 are diagnosed with cervical cancer.

A risk factor for cervical cancer is multiple sexual partners - condoms do not give total protection against the virus:


Another risk factor for cervical cancer is not keeping up to date with cervical screening - be sure to attend your 12 month follow up smear test.

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P.S. just to add - Um ...............social distancing?