HPV positive and moderate abnormal cells


I have just received the results from my first smear (I am 26) and they have come back with HPV positive and high grade moderate dyskaryosis.

The letter states that long lasting cases of HPV can cause cervical cancer - I've been with the same partner for 4 years so does this mean I've had HPV for at least 4 years? And if so, is this a worryingly long time?

I also take small doses of immunosuppressive drugs due to having a transplant when I was 3 years old - could this be linked to my body not fighting off the HPV?

Is it normal to have BOTH HPV and abnormal cells?

Just want to know how common this result is as I'm very worried! - I'm awaiting my appointment letter for a colposcopy.

Has anyone here had this same result from the initial smear? And if so, what were the steps after this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there, Yes, it is faily common to have HPV for many years after becoming infected, as it can become a latent infection only to become active many years later. It’s also fairly common for ladies to have high grade moderate cells (CIN2) result from smears, but this isn’t cancerous.  For it to become cancer it must take 10-15 years. It’s still possible for you to clear it at CIN2. However, certain risk groups, such as smokers, people with immunedeficiency or immunosupprestige medication, may have trouble doing so. So you’ll probably be offered treatment during your colposcopy. This is fairly normal for anyone with CIN2/3. 

Now that you’ve been diagnosed, you’ll be kept an eye on and well looked after. Good luck!