HPV positive and low grade dyskaryosis


I am a 30 year old fit and active female who missed her last smear test (I can't think why, it must have been sent to the wrong address when I moved despite changing GPs as I always attend check ups). I am not on the pill and have regular periods. 

I have had gynae issues on and off for about 8 years with the main symptom being pain during sex and deep penetration. I have a history of very mild spotting (a year or two ago) between periods/after sex but have not had this for around a year. I also recall one episode in the past of my GP doing an internal exam and saying it looked like I had "abrasions" on my cervix. This was over 5 years ago and nothing ever came of it so I assume it cleared up as no one else has commented regarding this. I seem to be suffering at the moment with what I assume to be recurrent BV infections (5 in the last 5 months) which cause unpleasant smelling discharge. I've never suffered with this before though and both me and my boyfriend are STI free. Pain during sex remains a major symtom but my periods, which have always been moderatley painful, are now extremely painful, debilitating and heavy (6-8 days long each month, with a slightly shortened cycle of late).  To the point where I will be kept up all night bent dounble and pain killers won't touch it. I also get severe ovulation pain mid cycle for a day or two and over the past year I have can't remember a day when I didn't have some form of pelvic pain and pressure and bloating. I am also having to go to the toilet much more frequently and even a partially full bladder is very uncomfortable for me. From discussing my symptoms with others (I am a physio and work with other medical professionals) I self diagnosed Endometriosis and figured I just needed to put up with it. 

I have been to my GP on/off over the years and was referred to a gynae in Jan this year. I was also called in for a smear and told mine was not up to date. I requested the referral as my gynae symptoms were now affecting 3/4 of my month and despite a very healthy lifestyle (I am also a semi-professional athlete) I was no longer able to cope and felt things were not normal. My timeline since has been this:

-Transvaginal ultrasound May 2017 (told my ovaries were in good condition, no cysts, she felt she saw two small fibriods which were very tender to push on - although anywhere she pushed into was very uncomfortable to be honest and said it was likely endometriosis which an ultrasound would not diagnose

- smear test - results back this week show I have low grade dyskaryosis and am positive for HPV

- two days letter referral for colposcopy (which is next Tuesday)

- today, a letter for an appointment for my gynaecologist on Friday (in two days time) 

I'm a little nervous about my colposcopy although I am aware it is most likely nothing. But I was wondering if the above story rang any bells with anyone? I figure the most likely thing is that I have endometriosis and my smear findings are separate to this but as I have known something isn't right down there for a while I thought I would write a post after this site was recommded to me. 

Thanks in advance for any advice/comments. 



I had my colposcopy today. The woman said my cervix looked healthy but after putting the dyes on them the area around/inside my cervix remained white (especially with the brown iodine dye) and so she took a biopsy. She said if it comes back as low grade changes like my smear shows then I will go back to 3 yearly check ups. This has confused me as I also have high risk HPV and missed my last smear...from what I read here if they do not treat I should be on a review 6-12 months, is this correct? 

Thanks and hope someone is able to advise!


I too had boderline changes at my smear, it was actually my first one. I knew I had HPV already as I had had treatment at a GUM clinic previously. When I attended my colp the oncologyst said that she suspected low grade, and nothing was visible too the naked eye. she advised me that on that basis and provided the biopsy confirms the low grade I will  return to smear test at some point in the next 12 month or so.

I think it depends on the reult what the next  course of action is for you. low grade changes can and do go away on their own. They can develop into something else but if this does happen it usually takes a long time (that is the advice I have had and read online) so dont worry. 

I have had friends who have had treatment at there colp where there have been visible changes that need to be removed there and then. So your oncologst/nurse would have done that at the colp if there was anything they could see.

if your biopsy result is normal and you have HPV you may be invited back much later than you may expect - your letter will confirm how long that is.

if you are concerned though wait until you receive your letter and book an apt with your GP and bring up and concerns about how long you will need to wait and about your other symptoms.