HPV positive and due a smear but can't get one

Hi there,

I had my smear test just over a year ago which came back with HPV positive but no cell changes. I was surprised as I haven’t had sexual contact in a long while but was told it can just lie dormant or something?? They told me to repeat in a year (so around this time).

Unfortunately I started the mini pill a few weeks ago which I thought would help me as I get symptoms of possible endo (at least it pointed to that but in any case it was painful ovulation and periods). For some reason a week after starting it I started bleeding. I thought it would stop like my regular period but its continued since and hasn’t stopped at all yet and when I asked the doctors about my smear test they said I have to wait until I’m not bleeding as they won’t accept a smear test if you are??!

I actually stopped taking the mini-pill a few days ago for unrelated reasons, it was giving me even worse anxiety and depression so I couldn’t handle being on it any longer, so I’m hoping the bleeding will calm down soon?? It seems I’m prone to bleeding on progestin only contraception as I bled six months with the depo shot.

Obviously I’m very worried about the prospect of this developing into something more while I can’t get my smear test. Like what if the HPV has developed into something sinister by now??

I’m wondering what people who have abnormal bleeding do when they need to get a smear test done as I’m sure there are those who do. I figure bleeding is quite common as a symptom of something sinister too so I have no idea how people manage when they have this issue.
I’m not sure how long it’ll be before my bleeding stops but can someone reassure me that I won’t suddenly end up dealing with something sinister just because I can’t yet get my follow up smear?

I really have had health anxiety over CC for a long time, especially when I was younger I went though a bout of convincing myself I had it, so you can imagine how much I’m panicking over the positive HPV result.

Thanks for reading.