HPV positive and advice on Colposcopy

I’ve just received a letter this week to say I am HPV positive and have abnormal cells. I have been referred for Colposcopy but I’m scared of results and as I have a tilted cervix I find smear tests painful. Are Colposcopys painful and should I take painkillers beforehand? I have also read elsewhere that taking certain vitamins can help rid of HPV. Does anyone know of any changes in diet that have helped them? I had stomache cramps a few weeks ago (before routine smear) and I get lower back pain quite often. Not sure if this is related to this. I’ve always had clear results before. Thank you for any advice in advance x

Hi love

Im sorry that your results came back with abnormalities however try to don’t panic. It is not cancer and they will definitely do the best to clear everything.

Some people they found colposcopy a bit painful but i had privately colposcopy every year for 6 years and i never had any issues. You can take some painkillers before your appointment to avoid any discomfort.

About your question reg the vitamins, yes you can boost your immune system by taking a course of multivitamins. I got a prescription of folic acid 5 mg to take every day and also im getting vitamin e and astaxanthin daily.I used to take ahcc but it was too expensive to me.

Also the pain im not sure if that relates to hpv,it is better to discuss this with your GP.

I hope everything goes well with your colposcopy :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your advice :blush: I did wonder whether the pain was because of tilted cervix because i had it the last 2 times, but maybe i was just not telaxed then.
You mentioned ahcc - what does it stand for?
Thank you again for your advice x

Hi @Caz31

As @Sofia93 has already explained, as scary as all of this is abnormal cells arnt a diagnosis of cancer, depending on what grade of abnormal the cells are most they will monitor with follow ups instead of treating as most will regress without the need for intervention, even the highest grade has been known to regress

I have a tilted cervix and found the colposcopies (ive had 2) more comfortable than the smears… mostly the most uncomfortable part is them trying to find your cervix so its very helpful if you know where your cervix is i.e it should be down to the left or up to the right but with a colposcopy you shouldnt really have a problem as the scope doesnt get inserted it sits on the outside looking directly in so they should find it with ease, if they take a biopsy they will numb the area with a local anestesia but that can sting for a few seconds so some do take painkillers before hand

I also tried AHCC (Active hexose correlated compound) but its very expensive so i just took multivitamins changed my diet and anything else i could get my hands on to boost my immune system, its not a guarentee though it works for some but others for some reason just cant shake it but multivitamins and eating more healthy has worked in my case i tested negative at a test of cure smear the other week and now back on the 3 year recall

the pain your experiencing wont be caused by high risk HPV or abnormal cells both have been proven to be symptomless and CC symptoms occur when its at an advanced stage where a tumor is present big enough to cause symptoms this would be seen with the naked eye when they done your smear, plus the lower back/tummy pain would be constant as it would indicate a tumor pressing on something so it wouldnt necassarily come and go, and theres nothing to suggest that would be happening based off your smear results… generally when they suspect CC from a smear which doesnt seem to be the case (?invasion) is thrown in with the terminology

Best thing to do is to try and stay positive and take everything as it comes, as it comes, as much as we have all done it try to stay away from Dr Google he isnt your friend right now lol and will cause you more panic than necassary theres alot of outdated and misinformation out there

Good luck at your apponitment and i hope it goes well :slight_smile: xx


(First day joining the forum), I had a colposcopy for the first time today after also receiving a HPV positive and moderate cell changes result. It wasn’t that painful, but if you’re worried then suggest taking some painkillers beforehand.
I didn’t have cell removal today but did have a biopsy, and again that wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be.
For the past 12 months I have been taking a number of vitamins after testing positive for HPV last year, I did a lot of research and reading, making sure I was taking the right ones and the correct MG, but unfortunately it’s not made a difference for me.
Wishing you all the best. X

I also have a tilted cervix and find smears painful. I’ve had colposcopies where it’s been absolutely fine and better than smears. And one where I couldn’t stand it, I was particularly anxious at this time because I had alot going on so that didn’t help. But in this case they offered me gas and air to try and help during the colposcopy. But in the end we agreed to just do it under GA and instead of potentially having to have it again for treatment, we went straight for lletz under GA. So that is a possibility if you really struggle.

My Colposcopy appointment is on Tuesday and I’m also going through a stressful time as my elderly dad is not well and we are awaiting on some test results for him. Its good to know that they can give GA if it does become too painful. Thank you for the advice x