HPV Positive after Hysterectomy

First post and signposted here by GP
had several HPV positives following smear tests. Due to my age, family complete and other gynae issues I decided to have a radical hysterectomy in Jan 20.

July 2020 I had colposcopy which came back HPV positive again…. However due to covid all non urgent colposcopy are cancelled. I was due to have one in Feb 21 and that was cancelled then rearranged to July 21 which was cancelled.

However, what I am struggling to find is info on why I’m still HPv positive after all these years 12, and why still positive when I’ve had complete hysterectomy ( inc cervix) and also what happens if I continue to be HPV positive?

Trying to find info is really hard abs GP not sure. Called colposcopy clinic and receptionist was lovely but she’s not clinical and doesn’t know either.

Surely I can’t be the only one to still have HPV after hysterectomy?

Can anyone help at all? I’d be so grateful


I don’t think I have any relevant experience to share. Just thought I’d suggest you could ‘ask the expert’ on this website: https://www.jostrust.org.uk/get-support/ask-expert


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I would like to know more about this too. I haven’t had a hysterectomy although it’s certainly heading that way and I’m discussing it with my consultant next Tuesday. I’ve been with my husband over 20 years, he’s my only partner and I only found out in May this year I’m HPV positive. I’m assuming I’ve had it for 20 years and just didn’t know about it. Apparently it can lie dormant and reactivate. I would also like to know if I still have a chance of clearing it or if it’s something I will now have to live with. I do worry as it can also be a high risk factor for other cancers. Then again I suppose many people must live with HPV unknowingly and it doesn’t cause them any issues.

It’s so hard trying to get information. I expect yours has just been dormant or just happened? If that’s a thing? I really don’t know.
I did manage to speak to a lovely lady at the colposcopy clinic who also had no idea. But she did email a consultant who said that HOV can be in your system CoE years and doesnt automatically mean will go to cancer. Which I knew anyway. But I will have to have annual vault smears ( I guess that’s what they call my bits as I have no bits left?) and if I keep testing HPV then I “could” start treatments…. What treatment they didn’t say. But I realise that’s probably because they don’t want to scare? But due to staff shortages I’ve now missed 2 vault smears abd they will get me in ASAP.
So again, no answers and I truly get people don’t want to scare but I just want info. Not scared as such as I’ll literally have any treatment and anything cut away if they say I must. I just want info

Hi, I had HPV on my smear every year from 2014. I was told repeatedly that the body will
Clear it but every year it came back HPV positive.It was a real worry for me and I always worried about it developing. I did some research in 2020 after yet another HPV diagnosis, I just couldn’t understand why it wasn’t going away. I read articles about boosting the immune system. In particular mushrooms (pukka mushroom gold) and methyfolate, Vit C, B-12 and turmeric. I bought all these from Holland and barratt and took them religiously every day! Alongside a green tea capsule. I also started drinking more water and eating a better. I Am happy to say I went for a private smear in April and it was negative for HPV. I then had an NHS smear in August and that has also come back clear! I am So relieved to have finally cleared it after 7 years! It may be a co incidence but I do think by boosting my immune system I have helped to clear this. I thought I would share for anyone else out there. Google Shitake mushroom and HPV X

Hi Leannec17,

I am so happy you finally got a negative HPV result.
May I ask, which type of HPV you got? and how old are you when you got it?
I heard under 30 is much easier to get rid of the HPV.
I am 43 yo, perhaps I am not strong as the younger woman, But I will try to take the Shitake mushroom, is that AHCC from Kinoko? how many tablets did you take?

Thank you so much!

Hello you may want to research the following:

AHCC / Turkey tail
Green tea extract
A female probiotic
Vitamin C
Methyl folate
Vitamin D
Selenium (in small doses)

I use iherb to purchase half of these and the others I get from Holland & Barrett. I try to use BetterYou sprays where I can as I don’t like swallowing tablets.

In addition there are products (gels) you can put in your vagina, most of which are prescribed in Europe/can be bought over the counter there but they don’t have regulatory approval. These include

HPV basant
Colpofix (this is a spray)

Christ knows if any of this will work though - I cannot testify. But I have HPV for 13 years and just had a LLETZ. I have been taking the above oral supplements for 2 months and they did nothing in that time but I will continue for another 6 months and introduce the gels/spray once I am healed from the LLETZ in a month or so.