HPV positive after clear tests following LLETZ?

Has anyone been told they had “cleared” HPV only for it to come back??

Here’s my timeline:

May 2018 - had NHS smear tests which came back normal (didn’t test for HPV just said no abnormal cells)

April 2019 - had a private smear test as part of a work health assessment - this came back showing borderline cell changes and HPV 16

April 2019 - had a colposcopy following the abnormal smear - biopsy taken which came back CIN 2/3 (which was a surprise given my smear said only borderline changes)

April 2019 - had LLETZ procedure - this confirmed CIN 2

October 2019 - had follow up smear which showed I still had HPV and borderline changes

October 2019 - had another colposcopy which showed no abnormal changes

April 2020 - had follow up smear which showed I still had HPV but no abnormal changes detected

October 2020 - had follow up smear which showed I still had HPV but no abnormal changes detected

April 2021 - had follow up smear which showed no HPV and no abnormal changes

October 2021 - had another follow up smear which still showed no HPV and no abnormal changes so I thought great, im all in the clear!

June 2022 - had another smear test as part of a health assessment and this came back showing positive for HPV (not sure what type) but no abnormal changes

I now have an appointment for a colposcopy which is next week but I am so confused and worried! I had two clear HPV tests in 2021 so I don’t understand how less than a year later I am now showing to have HPV again?! Has this happened to anyone else - did you “clear” HPV only to get it again? I don’t know what type I have this time so I suppose it could be a different type, but I am married with same partner so I shouldn’t have been exposed to anything new… I am just worried about going through this whole process again and how my body apparently cleared the virus but it’s come back again so quickly?!

if anyone has any experience of going through similar I’d love to hear from you!

I’m sorry I can’t answer your question and sorry to hear you are going through this… but what a confusing situation you’re in. It’s great you had a private test the year after your normal smear that picked this up. I hope you find answers.

Hello I am not exactly in the same situation but hpv positive 1 year after Lletz but no cell changes colposcopy check, my gynecologist said that some people can have hpv after Lletz for many years and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will ever have cell changes again is a possibility but not a 100 % she even mentioned that as long as 16 years positive hpv after Lletz and no issues for some women, just to keep up with checks. Maybe your body clear it and for some reason it’s detectable again. Good luck at colposcopy

I am also hpv 16

Thank you for the replies - I will chat to the consultant when I have my colposcopy and see if he can shed some light… just all so confusing as I thought HPV negative meant negative for good (especially as I had 2 HPV negative results in a row)!

Hpv will always be in your system it just goes dormant meaning can’t do no harm but is there sleeping sort of, and for some reason that science is yet not sure about it shows its ugly head again maybe stress maybe vitamin deficency or none of this and is just genetics. Take care

Yep! I was in a pilot area in london at 20 where they were both taking smears from 20yrs up, and testing for hpv. I am now 35.

I had treatment for peristsent borderline changes / cin1 about 6 or 7 years ago.

Two clear smears since, no hpv, no abnormal cells.

Last smear, hpv was back (same partner throughout, married, faithful etc.)

Just waiting for my follow up smear.

It has been suggested to me that hpv can be dormant and then re-emerge at times of stress etc. Or partners can reinfect one another.

I have this year, as has my partner, gone for the gardasil 9 vaccine. It is not a theraputic vaccine i.e. It isn’t designed to treat existing infections (though it looks like a theraputic vaccine might be on the horizon!) but there are studies that demonstrate it can help prevent infection at new sites, and help keep hpv in dormancy post treatment. If you can afford to do it I do believe it’s a good idea on balance.

I half wonder if my immune system took a battering from covid and preschool viruses.

The fact all smears are now triaged for hpv first in england is probably going to help better understand the virus, last year I struggled to find anyone in the forum in a similar position but it seems it isn’t that unusual a scenario.