HPV positive/advice needed

Im coming here for some advice, ive had my forst smear im 27 and its come back positive for HPV and to go back in 12 months.
Now I’m just confused how i can settle my mind for the next year that everything will be okay? I had my hpv vaccination and dont understand why ive got it, im stressed ive got to deal with the un known for a year is there any other tests i can request sooner than that, perhpas in 6 months? Im a single parent of a 5 and 3 year old and just want to know some answers as im alone with them and cant help but sit and think tbe worst now… Thankyou, sorry for the long post, just stressing :weary::woman_facepalming:t2:

Hi @Lauramcl

The only way to be seen sooner is if we go private and pay for it ourselves, unfortunately even if we can convince our GPs to perform it, the lab can and will reject it because it isnt due making the intimate procedure unnecessary

Even with a high risk strain, its not a guarentee it will give you cancer or precancerous lesions… those are only a possibility, pretty much everybody who has been sexually active has HPV many without knowing it, as your infection has now been identified, the chances of someone developing cancer whilst being monitored is less than 1%

There are over 150+ HPV strains, 30 prefer the genitals and 14 strains having links to cancer, with the vaccines only covering 2-9 specific strains depending which vaccine you had… the vaccines offered between 08-12 was cervarix that only offers protection against 2 high risk strains 16 & 18, whereas the one offered from 2012 onwards is gardasil9, that offers protection against 7 high risk strains and 2 low risk GW strains that account for 90% of GWs… the vaccines dont cover all cancer causing strains there are still ones you can aquire despite being vaccinated otherwise there wouldnt be a need for the vaccinated to still get smears… without knowing your specific strain you cant know for sure if the vaccine protected you against those strains or whether your in the small percent that it didnt, but it is much more likely you have a strain that isnt covered

The only thing proven to help us get back to being negative is our own immune system, try to stay as healthy as you can, maybe add some vitamins especially b vitamins to your daily… there isnt anything special you need to do or break the bank, most people clear their infections without knowing they were even positive in the first place - they didnt need to do anything special to clear it xx

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Hi @Tinkerbelle29

Thats all really helpful, thankyou for that information!! Im much more hopeful knowing the statistics and things and that its actually a very low chance of it turning cancerous, i think i was just expecting it to come back clear so it was abit of a shock this afternoon to see otherwise, and of course ive sat and googled which has made matters much worse for what ive been finding :woman_facepalming:t2: I’ll get some vitamins in and make some healthy changes to my diet in hope that it will help shift it from my body!
Thanks again, its much appreciated xx

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